I’ll be live-blogging Boston on Monday

I used to live-Tweet races. But then, I started the Running Things blog and tried my keyboard at live-blogging during the New York City Marathon last year. I enjoyed the crap out of it.

After the race, Luke McCambley—also known as The Orange Runner on Instagram—and I collaborated on an illustrated recap of the race.

On Monday I’ll be live-blogging again, with Athlinks.

They have Boston results going back to 1900. So, if you want to see how your great-great-grandfather (but not great-great-grandmother……) did in Boston 100 years ago, check it out here.

So, whether you’re at work and can’t watch, want to supplement your Twitter feed or if you just want to follow along while we all lose our collective shits—I’ll be here excitedly rambling, saying the sarcastic and giving live-ish updates on the race in Boston.

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