NYC Marathon recap illustrated by Luke McCambley, aka The Orange Runner.

IMG_3834 Copyright of Luke McCambley

It’s been a week (+1 day) since the NYC Marathon. I live-blogged the thing and Luke McCambley, or The Orange Runner, as he’s known on Instagram, live-illustrated it. Here, we’ve smashed the two together in a celebration of arts and running. Please enjoy. Please.

9:20 am – Women’s start

The race start was a little underwhelming because the broadcast wasn’t synced for prime start excitement. But the women are off and it looks slow because, reportedly, the first mile is uphill.

Saw Des Linden chatting a bit, presumably making some jokes. Stephine Bruce is a meter or two ahead of the pack.

9:41 am – Women’s 5k

The women are 5k in and the TCSNYC tracking app just started feeding info.

ESPN 2 has been mostly showing dudes who aren’t running, instead of the women running, but for a second I saw the leaders and saw the women you’d expect to be up there.

Des was running in 3rd – 18:45

Molly Huddle, 5th – 18:45

Allie Kieffer, 6th – 18:45

Shalane Flanagan, 8th – 18:46

9:48 am – Pre men’s start

The men are on the start line, but now there’s a commercial break. Still not really sure how the women are doing, because they haven’t shown them. Though the 5k, the top 5 were on 5:01-5:13 mile pace.

9:54 am – Men’s start

The women go through 5 miles on the TCSNYC app while ESPN shows the men on the starting line without some sort of picture-in-picture. Allie is in 3rd, through in 30:13, Des in 6th in 30:12, Shalane 7th in 30:12, Molly 10th in 30:12 also.

The men look chilly on the start line, while the sun’s out. Bernard Lagat, in his marathon debut, starts is watch as the gun goes off.

10:00 am – Women’s 7 mile

While I’ve only seen the women’s race for about 3 mins (and that’s probably exaggerated) they’ve gone through the 7 miles now.

Shalane, 5th: 41:43

Des, 8th: 41:43

Allie, 10th: 41:43

Oh good, they are finally showing the women again.

10:08 am

Shalane looks pretty chill. So does Molly. And Des. They’ve cut to the men now, while the commentators joke with Matt Centrowitz about how this is further than he’d want to run and they ask him his thoughts about the men’s race.

Now Beverly Ramos is getting some screen time on ESPN and that’s pretty damn cool. They are talking about her performance metrics.

And, commercial.

10:12 am – Women’s 9 mile

Recap of the Abbott Dash to the Finish 5k playing (that’s cool).

Women go through 9 miles.

Des, 2nd: 53:20, 5:48 mile pace

Allie, 5th: 53:21, 5:49 mile pace

Only Americans in the 10 ten for right now, says the TCSNYC app.

10:16 am – Des to the lead

Des is in the lead after mile 9 and that is very exciting for me.

Let the marathoning begin!

10:19 am – Women’s 10 mile

The women are going through mile 10.

Des is in the lead, which is very exciting considering her tenacity on the marathon course.

Des, leading, 58:50

Molly, 6th, 58:51

Shalane, 7th, 58:51

10:24 am

If Des wins the Boston and NYC marathons in the same year, I don’t know what America will do, besides collectively cry and tweet about it.

The leaders grabbed some fluids after mile 11 and that always looks funny because running and drinking anything is sloppy.

They cut to the men’s race and they ask Centrowitz what he thinks. He’s started most of his comments with “yeah” because he’s new to this.

He’s on the lead car for the men’s race and he kind of said he’s making eye contact and smiling with the leaders.

10:34 am – Women’s half/13.1 mile

I accidentally clicked the results of only the American women and it had Shalane, Molly and Des going 1-2-3 and I almost lost it, but then realized my mistake.

Shalane is 3rd, 1:15:49, 5:24 mile pace

Molly, 6th, 1:15:50, right with Mary Keitany, 5:24 mile pace

Des, 8th, 1:15:51, 5:14 mile pace,

And another American, Roberta Groner, is up in the top 10 in 1:16:34, 5:45 mile pace.

IMG_3835 Copyright of Luke McCambley

10:41 am – Women’s mile 14

Rahama Tusa, Netsanet Gudeta and Mary Keitany have now pulled away, gapping everyone else.

Before this big gap Shalane and Molly were only 2 seconds back, now that gap looks a bit bigger.

IMG_3837 Copyright of Luke McCambley

10:49 am – Women’s 25k/15.5 mile

Leaders Keitany, Gudeta, Tusa are all through around 1:28:23/4.

Shalane is in 4th in 1:28:44

Molly, 7th, 1:28:46

Des, 8th, 1:29:10

IMG_3838 Copyright of Luke McCambley10:54 am – Women’s mile 16 & 17

Gudeta blows a great snot rocket, the leaders go through mile 16 around 1:30:41, which is 4:57 mile pace.

I can’t keep up with the splits because they are rolling so fast.

Shalane is in 5th, through mile 17, in 1:36:14

Molly, 7th, 1:36:14

Des, 8th, 1:37:01

IMG_3841 Copyright of Luke McCambley

IMG_3842 Copyright of Luke McCambley11:00 am – Women’s mile 17

The finally show Molly and Shalane for a second, but it was over fast. Almost as fast as Keitany and Tusa, who have now dropped Gudeta. She could snot-rocket herself back up there. (For the record: I love snot rockets.)

11:07 – Women’s mile 19

The American women are over a minute back from Keitany, who is smashing everyone by almost 26 seconds through mile 19.

Shalane, Molly, Des and Allie are still holding down the top 10, which is a great feat in itself. IMG_3844 Copyright of Luke McCambleyIMG_3845 Copyright of Luke McCambley

IMG_3846 Copyright of Luke McCambley

11:16 am – Women’s mile 21

Mary Keitany’s still fine, through alone in 1:55:29, still waiting on the split of how far ahead she is.

Op—here’s Tusa’s split: 1:56:56. Keitany is almost a minute and a half ahead of everyone.

11:22 am – Women’s 35k/21.7 mile

Keitany: 1:59:16, 5:05 pace

Shalane, 4th, 2:01:36, 5:27 pace

Molly, 5th, 2:01:59, 5:28 pace

Commentator just said Keitany is “tanking along” which is an interesting choice of words for a number of reasons.

Des: 8th, 2:03:13, 5:28 pace

Allie: 10th, 2:04:03, 5:22

IMG_3847 Copyright of Luke McCambley

11:27 am – Women’s mile 22 & 23

Shalane, 4th, 2:02:59, 5:28

Molly, 5th, 2:03:22, 5:30

The commentator jokes with Centrowitz about how he shouldn’t jump out when the men have a mile to go and it’s awkward because Matt doesn’t really have anything to say.

They start showing Shalane, finally, as the women start going through mile 23. She looks a little tired, but I mean it is a marathon and she’s running 5:27 pace at 23 miles. I’ve never run 23 miles all at once, so I probably wouldn’t even be awake for it, let alone running 5:27 during it.

Shalane is in 4th, Molly 5th, Des 6th, Allie moving up into 8th.

IMG_3848 Copyright of Luke McCambley

(Lagat ended up running 2:17. Read more here.)

11:38 am – Women’s mile 25

We can see Tusa on the screen with Shalane looking fatigue but fricken determined because she running for a podium position and I got some leg goosebump. It looks like she’s closing the gap.

Oh my god she’s going to go by her.

She went by her.

F(*(&^*ing badass.

Shalane: 2:19:44 through mile 25, 5:23 pace.

I’m starting to lose my mind.

Molly through in 5th, 2:20:06, 5:32 pace

Des through in 6th, 2:21:05, 5:34 pace

Go Shalane!!!!

Allie 7th!!!

IMG_3856 Copyright of Luke McCambley

11:42 –Women’s finish

Keitany is through the finish, winning in 2:22:48. That’s 5:27 mile pace and I feel like I’ve only run about 6k at that pace, and I’ve never run over like 16 miles, so I don’t really know what that is.


They showed her for one second.

Cheruiyot is second in 2:26:02


Carrie Tollefson said she saw Shalane say something different this year when she crossed the line.

IMG_3866 Copyright of Luke McCambleyLast year she said, “F*&$k yes!”

This year she said, “I love you”

We love you too Shalane.

11:53 am – Women’s finish, more organized

Keitany: 1st, 2:22:48

Cheruiyot: 2nd, 2:26:02

Shalane: 3rd and on the damn podium, 2:26:22 and maybe a PR

Molly: 4th, 2:26:44

Tusa: 5th, 2:27:14

Des: 6th, 2:27:41

Allie: 7th, 2:28:12

IMG_3867 Copyright of Luke McCambley

IMG_3868 Copyright of Luke McCambley

IMG_3869 Copyright of Luke McCambley

11:57 am – Men’s finish

Kitata and Desisa battle.

Desisa pulls away, winning in 2:05:59.

Kitata is second in 2:06:01.

12:01 pm – Backing up to men’s mile 25

Four Americans are running in the top 10 right now.

Jared Ward, Scott Fauble, Shadrack Biwott and Chris Derrick are 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th through mile 25.

12:05 pm – Men’s finish

Jared is 6th, in 2:12:24

Scott is 7th, in 2:12:28

Shadrack is 9th, in 2:12:52

Chris is 10th, in 2:13:08

12:07 pm – Women’s awards/post-race interviews

They put the 3rd place medal around Shalane’s neck and I’m thinking about how hard it must be to stand on that podium right now. I didn’t know how I was going to make it on a victory lap after I won a steeple once and that wasn’t even 2 miles. How are they even functioning right now?

In her post-race interview, Shalane says “defending champion” has a nice ring to it and that she had to come back to try and defend her title. She said that it’s been an honor.

She also confirmed, that when she crossed the finish line, the “I love you” was for the running community. The love is mutual.

In Molly’s post-race interview, she said she thinks American women are marathoning so well–putting 4 in the top 7, winning two in the same year–because they all have confidence in each other.

That’s a beautiful and special of momentum.


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