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Introducing Mental Health Series: Panic Attacks

Because of the obviously lack of stories out there about runners and panic attacks I wanted to start a series on the topic. I hope to create a place for people to share their story and read about how others experience and manage their own panic attacks.

Mental Health Series: Panic Attacks – Kami

The first story in the panic attacks series comes from my friend Kami. She experienced her first one in 2004. She thought she was having a heart attack and when it was over she didn’t tell a soul. Later, when she off-handedly mentioned it to her doctor, he was awkward about it. Read about her…

Mental Health Series: Panic Attacks – Andrew

A runner—who ran at the colligate level—struggled with panic attacks. At first, he thought they were a symptoms of a physical health problem. But after a year of tests, he decided to try therapy, and eventually medication, and things got better.