About Me

I’m Nicole Bush. I ran at Michigan State, then I was sponsored by New Balance for a while (like 7 years).

I’ve mostly specialized in the steeple. One year I ran 4:50 for an indoor mile, then like 4 months later I made a world team in the steeple. idk.

I’ve also run 9:24 in the steeple, massively underperformed at a few Olympic Trials (didn’t even make the final once), broke my foot while steepling and have a run (figuratively) pretty much the full spectrum of emotions during my 16+ year running campaign (highs, lows, happys, sads, depresseds, anxiouses, lessons, winnings, losings, etc.)

Oh, and I went back to school for journalism, so I’m combining the running and writing things here.


PS – If you’d like to contribute to the conversation, suggest a topic or if you’d like to share your story here, email me at nicolebbush.blog@gmail.com