About the blog

I’m Nicole Bush and I’ve been running for almost 20 years now. I was a successful high school student-athlete (10-time state champion), a successful collegiate student-athlete (7-time all-American), and have had a decently successful professional career (U.S. Champion, U.S. World Team member).

But, I’ve also struggled a lot with the sport, and so have a lot of people, so that’s why I created this blog.

I’m writing this blog—especially the Running’s Hard series—because while I think the sport of running and its community are incredibly special, I think we’re also missing out on a valuable piece of the overall running narrative when we don’t talk about how hard it is and why.

The sport can be almost unendurable sometimes. Some of the most positive and important aspects of our sport can turn on us during dark times and keep us silently locked in our struggle.

Through sharing my own experiences and the experiences of fellow runners through interview-driven features, I hope to help change that a little.

Because running’s hard and we need to talk about it. It helps us all and deepens our community.

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About me

I’ve mostly specialized in the steeplechase. One year I ran 4:50 for an indoor mile, then like 4 months later I made a world team in the steeple. idk.

I’ve also run 9:24 in the steeple, massively underperformed at a few Olympic Trials (didn’t even make the final once), broke my foot while steepling and have a run (figuratively) pretty much the full spectrum of emotions during my 16+ year competitive running campaign (highs, lows, happys, sads, depresseds, anxiouses, lessons, winnings, losings, etc.)

I also went back to school for journalism, so I’m combining the running and writing things here.

If you’d like to contribute to the conversation, suggest a topic or if you’d like to share your story, email me at nicolebbush.blog@gmail.com

2016 Olympic Trials | Photo by David Bracetty

Prerace parking lot strides at the 2016 Olympic Trials in Eugene, OR | Photo by David Bracetty