IAAF World Championships Day 4: men’s 5,000m final, women’s 3,000m steeple final and women’s 800m final.

I’ll be live-blogging as many heats and finals as I can during this year’s world champs, mostly focused on American athletes.

Typical live update format: newest posts/updates are at the top. To start at the beginning, read from bottom up.

All timestamps are US MST.

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Women’s 800 – Final results


1:10 PM – Women’s 800 – Final


This final has three American women in it: Raevyn Rogers, Ajee Wilson and Ce’Aira Brown.

Wilson to the front after the curve.

Bell in 57.94.

Goule up to challenge Wilson. Wilson holds her off on the backstretch.

In the homestretch Wilson fades. Nakaayi into the lead. Rogers charges into second.

Nakaayi takes the win in 1:58.04, Rogers silver in 1:58.18, Wilson bronze in 1:58.84.

Brown was eighth in 2:02.97.

12:50 PM – Women’s 3,000 steeple – Final


They introduce the world record holder, Beatrice Chepkoech before moving down to Coburn—who looks nervous but ready—and later to Frerichs.

They are held on the line for a bit long, but they are off.

Chepkoech right to the front with a big lead.

Coburn and Frerichs are around fourth and fifth.

Coburn is around third through the first water jump. Frerichs around seventh.

Chepkoech has a huge lead.

Coburn looks great through the water.

Chepkoech is through the first 1,000m in 2:52.

The live results aren’t updating for the rest of the women.

Coburn is running in fourth at the 5:50 mark. Frerichs a few spots back from her.

Coburn is looking relaxed, so is Frerichs.

Chepkoech has probably a 50 meter lead.

Coburn has moved to the lead of the chase pack, running in second.

Emma came off a hurdle a little better than everyone else.

Coburn is extending a lead with about 500 meters left. She holds it going into the bell.

I’ve forgotten how to type in my excitement and nerves.

Oh my god Coburn is still in second through the last water. They are on the homstrwxthoigdrughirduhfigfgiuhl



Coburn second in 9:02!

Frerichs in sixth in 9:11.

My heart rate is elevated. So damn cool.

Women’s 3,000 steeple – Start list


In the 2017 world championships Emma Coburn and Courtney Frerichs went 1-2 in a very exciting race.

Steeple fans have been waiting for this year’s race. We want to see if Coburn and Frerichs make sports magic again this year.

Coburn is hip ten, Frerichs is hip fifteen.

12:38 PM – Men’s 5,000 – Final results


12:20 PM – Men’s 5,000 – Final

The men are on the line being introduced. Mead is in hip one. Chelimo is hip nine and looks real ready to go. This is going to be a great race. The crowd is going to be loud.

They’re off.

Chelimo is in second through about 200 meters, Mead in fourth.

Leaders are through the first lap in 1:01. Chelimo looks great.

They are 2:07 through 800 meters. Chelimo still running in second, dropped back a few spots but he looks good.

Leaders 1,000m through 2:39. Chelimo also 2:39, also Mead.

About 4:13 for the first 1,600m.

Chelimo is in third through 2,000m, coming through in 5:14. Baraga leading and through in 5:14, Bekele too.

Mead has faded back to about twelfth, through 2,000m in 5:17.

Chelimo looks great. He’s running in second through 2,800m.

Through 3,000m Bekele and Chelimo are 7:53.

Chelimo to the front.

The Ingebrigtsen brothers have moved up. One took the lead for a second. But now it’s Barega.

Chelimo is a bit boxed in with three laps left. But he’s moving back and wide to get back on the outside.

With 1,000m to go Chelimo is back near the front, in third. He was through 4,000m in 10:34.

Ahmed now leading.

There as some bunching and punching. Chelimo is still second or third.

400 to go. Last lap. This is going to be crazy.

Ingenbrigtsen is leading, pulling a way a bit. But eveyone is still there.

Baragra and Edris go around.

And it’s Edris of Ethiopia with the win in 12:58, followed by Baraega, also from Ethiopia, in 12:59. Ahmed, from Canada, in 13:01.

Chelimo came seventh in 13:04. Mead eleventh in 13:27.

Men’s 5,000 – Final – Start List


Hassan Mead and Paul Chelimo will be a fun pair to watch in this final. Chelimo especially because he has a world bronze and an Olympic silver and he said he’s in the best shape of his life on Twitter after prelim.

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