IAAF World Championships Day 1: M800m heats, W800m semis and W10,000m

I’ll be live-blogging as many heats and finals as I can during this year’s world champs, mostly focused on American athletes.

Typical live update format: newest posts/updates are at the top. To start at the beginning, read from bottom up.

All timestamps are US MST.

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Live-Blog: Women’s 10,000m – Final


We have Emily Sission in hip 6, Molly Huddle hip 8 and Marielle Hall hip 14.

They are very strung out already and it’s not even two minutes in. Huddle and Sission are sitting in fifth and sixth place. Hall is near the back.

Leaders are through the first k in 3:13.

Hall is moving up, to around tenth.

Leaders through the mile in 5:0x.

2k in 6:20 for the leaders. Hall in 6:36. Huddle and Sission still in fifth and sixth and looking chill, though it’s still early.

Huddle was 6:21, Sission 6:22 through that 2k.

Hall has moved up and joined the American chain, she’s running behind Sission, who’s mostly behind Huddle.

Leaders through 3,200 meters in 10:07.

Huddle through 3k in 9:30, Sission through in 9:30, Hall through in 9:30 as well.

At 6,300m Hall has dropped to fourteenth.

Hassan has moved up to sevents, Huddle eighth.

Huddle in eight at 4k in 12:34, Sisson tenth at 12:34, Hall eleventh in 13:34 as well. The leaders went through in 12:30.

About seven women have pulled away.

Sission runs ninth through the 5k in 15:41, Huddle in tenth and Hall in eleventh also in 15:41.


The Americans are leading the chase pack.

Now it’s Huddle, Sission and Hall.

Now the lead pack is down to six.

They are through 6k around 18:36.

Huddle, Sission, Hall through 6k all in 18:49, ninth, tenth, eleventh.

Now Sission is leading Huddle and Hall by the 20 minute mark.

Huddle takes the lead back over from Huddle, I can only assume they are intentionally switching off as training partners. Hall is along for the ride.

They look like badasses.

Some of the leaders are having a convo, haha. Someone seemed pissed. But, I have no idea.

Through 8k the leaders are around 24:44.

Huddle, Hall, Sission are eighth, ninth, tenth through 8k, all in 25:08.

The leaders are now absolutely throwing down. 64.9 for the lap leading up to 8,800m. Gidey dropping that hammer. She looked so, so, so chill before this and still looks chill at this pace.

Hall through 9k in 28:11 in eight, Huddle also 28:11 in ninth, Sission 28:12 in eleventh.

Hassan absolutely blows Gidey out of the water and wins running 30:17. Gidey in second at 30:32. Tirop was third in 30:25.

Susan Krumins passes Hall before the line. Hall is eighth in 31:05! Huddle is ninth in 31:07! Sission is tenth in 31:12!


So badass!!!!

I give Molly Huddle a lot of the credit for helping to elevate this event to this point were we have three Americans running to top ten in the world over 10,000 meters.

RECAP: Women’s 800m Semi – Heat 3


Ce’Aira Brown is in this final heat. She was second in her heat yesterday in 2:01.14 to Jamaica’s Natoya Goule, who ran 2:01.01. She’s starting in lane six.

Sum of Kenya and Mitchell of Australia are leading off the curve. Brown is near the back of the pack.

Leaders are though 200 in 27.33.

Brown is moving up slightly.

They are through the bell in 58.14.

Brown is hanging on to the leader.

Through 600 Brown is moving up, into fourth.

Brown is moving up! She leans at the line but she gets third.

Nakaayi of Uganda wins in 1:59.35, Sum of Kenya takes second in 2:00.10.

Brown finishes third in 2:00.12 and advances on time to the final, as well as Goule of Jamaica, who ran 2:00.33.

RECAP: Women’s 800m Semi – Heat 2


Ajee Wilson is in this second heat. She also won her heat yesterday, in 2:20.10. She’s in lane seven.

She looked happy and calm on the start line, gave a little double wave during her intro.

Wilson is in the lead off the curve and takes them through 27.5 at 200 meters.

Theres a little bit of shoving at the top of the lap.

Wilson looks relaxed through the 400 at 59.4, but the pack is bunched behind her.

Arafi is onside of lane one on Wilsons shoulder.

Wilson pulls away over the homestretch and makes it look easy.

Willson in 2:00.31 and Arafi in 2:00.80 will advance to the final.

RECAP: Women’s 800m Semi – Heat 1


Raevyn Rogers is in the first of three heats for this semi-final round. She won her heat yesterday in 2:02.01. She’ll be starting in lane five.

The top two in heat heat automatically advance and the next two fastest times.

When they put the camera on Rogers during intros she looks fierce without trying and gives a wave.

She’s leading by the time the come out of the curve and fall into lane one. Rogers leads through 200 in 26. 9. They are running very fast. She leads through 400, looking relaxed, in 57.8.

Through 600 Rogers is still leading, but everyone is pretty bunched behind her.

Down the homestretch Winne Nanyondo, of Uganda, challenges Rogers on the inside as they pull away from the pack.

Rogers puts in a final surge and pulls away from her.

Rogers runs 1:59.57, Nanyondo runs 1:59.75 and they qualify for the final.

Nanyondo seemed to have, at least, tweaked something during the last 100 of that race. She was spotted after the race talking to, what I assume, was medical staff.

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