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2020 US Olympic Marathon Trials

I’ll attempt to do some BTS live-blogging while I’m here/out on the streets for the 2020 marathon Olympic trials. It’ll probably be jumbled and bad. And my phone screen is super cracked so the spelling might be worse than normal. So many apologies.

LIVEBLOG—Crewing the Leadville 100

I’ll be a member of the crew who will be supporting my friend/teammate Aaron Lange for 100 miles in Leadville, CO starting about 4 a.m. Saturday until… probably 24+ hours later. I’ll be live-blogging here.

LiveBLOG — USAs 2019: Day 2

Live-blogging distance events on Day 2 of 2019 US Champs. Events include: men’s 1,500m first round, women’s 3,000m steeple first round and women’s & men’s 800m semifinal.

I’ll be live-blogging Boston on Monday

I’ll be live-blogging Monday, with Athlinks. So, whether you’re at work and can’t watch, want to supplement your Twitter feed or if you just want to follow along while we all lose our collective shits—I’ll be here.