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Mental Health Series: Panic Attacks – Andrew

A runner—who ran at the colligate level—struggled with panic attacks.

At first, he thought they were a symptoms of a physical health problem. But after a year of tests, he decided to try therapy, and eventually medication, and things got better.

Mental Health Series: Panic Attacks – Kami

The first story in the panic attacks series comes from my friend Kami. She experienced her first one in 2004. She thought she was having a heart attack and when it was over she didn’t tell a soul.
Later, when she off-handedly mentioned it to her doctor, he was awkward about it. Read about her experience with panic attacks and how she’s managed them.

Introducing Mental Health Series: Panic Attacks

Because of the obviously lack of stories out there about runners and panic attacks I wanted to start a series on the topic. I hope to create a place for people to share their story and read about how others experience and manage their own panic attacks.

Lauren Wallace reflects on the Olympic Trials, her 2016 season

I talked with my good friend–and track wife–Lauren Wallace Misenti, after my she read my last blog post. Lauren ran at UC Davis, graduated in 2013 and ran professionally until 2017 before retiring from the track. Her event was the 800-meter run. Anyway, the blog post I’m referring to was inspired by a caption I…