I’m interested in collaborating with brands in fun, creative and mutually beneficial ways. If you’re interested in something like that email me at with your ideas.

  • Please include “collaboration” in the subject line.


If you’d like to advertise on Running Things or sponsor an upcoming feature in the Running’s Hard Series email me at

  • Please include “advertise” in the subject line.


I’m excited to discuss writing opportunities. If you’d like me to write an article or blog (or something else) you can email me at nicole@nicolebushmedia.

Please include the following details for the piece:

  • Focus
  • Intended audience
  • Length
  • Vibe (funny/sad/serious/sarcastic/etc)
  • Where it would be published
  • Budget


I’m also definitely excited to talk about photo opportunities. I would love to do before/after running photos for people or groups. If you’d like to hire me as a photographer/videographer for an event or a photoshoot you can email me at

Please include the following details:

  • Topic/focus
  • Who’s involved
  • Where it’s going
  • Your ideal finished project/number of photos
  • Location
  • Budget

If my full portfolio can be found here: