PT, physio and massage therapy in Boulder

Since moving to Boulder people have asked for my recommendations on who to see for bodywork. Before, I would just list people I knew of but hadn’t seen much personally. But, now that I’ve lived and trained here for over a year, I can confidently give my personal recommendations.

Photo by Nicole Bush (me)
Aaron Lange – Massage Therapist – LMT

Aaron has a lot of experience with cyclists and runners. He treats elite runners in the Boulder area, including his fiancée Bria Wetsch, who will be running at the Olympic Trials in Atlanta in February.

He skis, rock climbs, bikes, runs. He completed the Silver Rush 50-miler in Leadville this summer in under 11 hours. I guess he used to be real good at tennis.

He’s graduating from CU with a degree in integrated physiology in the spring and has started the process of applying to medical schools.

He’s currently training to run for a really long time, really high up, around in the mountains sometime this summer or fall.

He massages at Colorado Sports Massage on 28th street near CU’s campus. His CSM bio can be found here.

He massages on the weekends—ideal for after long runs!

To book a session with Aaron follow this link, choose the length of massage you want, then chose Aaron’s name from the dropdown menu.

Photo by Andrew Kitto at
Dr. Kurt Roeser – PT, DPT, OCS

Kurt ran cross country and track at the University of Florida and is currently training for the Olympic Trials marathon in Atlanta on February 29th.

He treats elite runners in the greater Boulder area. He’s got dry needling and sports medicine skills and a lot of running knowledge.

He treats at Ability Physical Therapy’s Lafayette location on North Park Drive. His APT bio can be found here.

To book a session with Kurt call (303) 926-1796 and, uh, ask for Kurt. You can check to see if Ability PT take your insurance here.

Photo by Nicole Bush (me)
Dr. Anh Bui – PT, DPT, CSCS

Anh was running at the University of California, San Diego, studying neuroscience when she realized she wanted to go into physical therapy. She graduated from Columbia’s PT program and is a marathoner training for a sub-3.

I have a significant leg length difference and Anh showed me a hip reset series I can do at home. It’s addressing career-long issues I’ve had with my left hip rotating and it’s a game changer for me. She’s also great with dry needles.

Anh treats at Revo Physiotherapy and Sports Performance on Frontier Ave off Pearl. Her Revo bio can be found here.

To book a session with Anh you can email or call 720-504-5835 and ask for Anh. Or, you can create an account to schedule online here.

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