A visual ode to my blue running shoe

I like farting around in Adobe Illustrator and sometimes go on a couple weeks tear attempting to draw various things.

Today, as a for-fun creative exercise I drew one of my New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 v9 running shoes.

I decided to draw my NB1080 because it’s a good subject with the right amount of challenge and because they’ve been there for some important miles.

I got weirdly banged up during the summer—an over-use-under-strengthed type thing—and these bad girls have been providing me with padding as I build the miles back up.

Maybe I’ll draw more shoes or this could be the only shoe I ever draw *shrug emoji*

You can find me on Instagram and Twitter—my handle is @nicolebbush for both. And you can email me at nicole@nicolebushmedia.com.

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