Listen to this: Vicious Cycle Podcast

I really want runners who have periods to be able to talk about them openly with whoever they want. I want us to understand our cycles. I want us to laugh about the crapshow that are periods. I want us to not feel shame about how our cycles might screw with our bodies and our running.

While this period podcast isn’t directly related to running with periods, it’s still a lot of info on them and people who have them (or had them). So I wanted to share its existence.

My friend (and athlete) Sarah Brewer—who was previously “not a podcast person”—forcefully insisted, over and over, that I listen to the Vicious Cycle podcast. I finally did on my long run on Sunday.

It’s called Vicious Cycle, because that’s what periods are, and is hosted by three friends who met in college: Kate Elston, Meg Hayes and Meg Trowbridge.

From their About page: “Vicious Cycle is a podcast hosted by three Bay Area bleeders who decided it was time to demystify, bitch about, and laugh at periods. Hosted by Kate Elston, Meg Hayes and Meg Trowbridge …”

The show features calls from listeners and has interviews with “comedians, activists and experts”.

Sarah had given me the run down on multiple episodes and we both already knew I’d love it. I just had to actually free up enough space on my sad iPhone to re-download the Podcast app and get started.

Full disclosure, I’m only two episodes in. But, with Sarah’s heavy science background and her having listened to what I understand to be most of the episodes, and the fact that there’s not a lot of open and honest (or funny) stuff out there about periods, I feel comfortable recommending the Vicious Cycle podcast.

Note: the show is about periods and it’s funny, so there’s some graphic language. Consider this your warning if you’re not down with that sort of thing.

But if you’re here for it, give the show a listen.

To get you started, here’s the first episode:

You can find the rest of the Vicious Cycle episodes on SoundCloud, iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and Spotify.

If you listen and realize you have a running related period story, DM me on Instagram @nicolebbush or email me at

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