IAAF World Championships Day 1: W800m heats, W3,000m steeple heats, M5,000m heats

I’ll be live-blogging as many heats and finals as I can during this year’s world champs, mostly focused on American athletes.

Typical live update format: newest posts/updates are at the top. To start at the beginning, read from bottom up.

All timestamps are US MST.

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11:28 AM – Men’s 5,000 – Heats wrap up

Top five in heat one:

1 – Barega 13:24

2 – Krop 13:24

3 – Edris 13:25

4 – J Ingebrigtsen 13:25

5 – Ahmed 13:25

True was ninth in 13:27 and will not advance to the final on Monday September 30.

Top five in heat two:

1 – Chelimo 13:20

2 – Bekele 13:20

3 – F Ingebrigten 13:20

4 – McSweyn 13:20

5 – Kimeli 13:20

Mead was ninth in 13:22 and will advance to the final.

Parsons finished thirteenth in 13:38 and will not advance.

11:10 AM – Men’s 5,000 – Heat 2


Mead is running in second through about 600 meters. Chelimo near the back of the pack.

Bekele leads over Mead followed by Kimeli.

The leaders are about 3:16 through 1200 meters.

Chelimo has moved up. He and Mead are in the top five.

The leaders are about 4:22 through 1,600 meters.

Parsons is around ninth.

Connor is now in the lead, followed by Chelimo, Kimeli.

There’s about 3,000 meters left to run.

Parson and Mead about sixth and seventh.

Mead moves up into fourth. Chelimo still in second. Connor still leading.

They have been running around 64/65 seconds for the last bit of laps.

They are 8:08 through 3,000 meters.

Chelimo and Bekele are leading now. Mead around seventh.

About four laps left.

The large lead pack keeps bunching and stringing out.

N Kimeli and Bekele now lead, followed by Chelimo. Mead is top five.

Three laps left.

They are getting close to lapping the last runner in the field.

The leaders are 11:22-ish with two laps to go.

Chelimo around fifth through 600 to go. Mead around seventh, maybe fading a bit.

Bell at 12:23.

Mead presses as he looks tired.

Chemlio is looking around. Then he moves out and pressed into fourth.

Looks like Mead may have been ninth.

Chelimo takes the heat in 13:20, finishing with no shoe after his heel gets clipped.

Waiting on the live results again to see how everyone ended up.

11:05 AM – Men’s 5,000 – Sportsmanship

Braima Suncar Dabo, of Guinea-Bissau, helps and holds up Jonathan Busby, of Aruba, over at least the last 100 meters and a moving act of sportsmanship. They both stop their watches as they cross the finish line.

10:45 AM – Men’s 5,000 – Heat 1


True is hip three. The men are being introduce on the start line.

They all shake their legs nervously waiting to be called up to the line.

They’re off.

True is on the rail, in about third.

Through about 600 meters True is in sixth. Seventh though 800.

The leaders are making a gap. Wanders and McDonald lead.

But they get sucked back into the pack. The pack is all the way out into lane two.

Krop leads, followed by Edris. Eight laps to go.

Oscar Chelimo now leads at 5:50, followed by Edris and Barega.

True has fallen back to third from the back of the lead pack as the pack starts to string out.

Now it’s Krop, Chelimo, McDonald. They are getting close to lapping the last runner.

Barega leads. Krop. Edris.

Krop to the front. Barega, Edris.

True is around twelfth.

The crowd is so loud on the feed.

True is bunched in the lead pack, he seems to be moving up.

They have less than two laps to go. Top five get the auto Q.

True around tenth. This lead pack is wide into lane two.

True is moving up.

Bell at 12:29.

True in seventh.

They are sprinting (duh).

Barega takes it in 13:24.

Krop 13:24.

Edris 13:25.

Will have to wait on live results to see what True finished.

10:40 AM – Men’s 5,000 – Heat updates

There will be two heats of the men’s 5,000 meter run. Ben True is the lone American in the first heat, while Hassan Mead and Paul Chelimo will be in the second. As will be Sam Parsons, who trains with Tinman Elite in the US.

10:24 AM – Women’s 3,000m Steeple – Heat 3


There are no Americans in this final heat of the steeple. Contrary to what the start list says, Quigley won’t be starting due to injury. Marisa Howard, the designated alternate, wasn’t given enough advanced notice to be able to be on the start line.

Kiyeng, Yavi and Mismas (who’s PR is about 9:20) are top three with a lap to go.

They extend the lead over the last 100 meters and they are the top three.

All three run 9:29 and they will automatically advance to the final.

10:10 AM – Women’s 3,000m Steeple – Heat 2

The women of the second heat are now on the line being introduced.


Courtney Frerichs and Allie Ostrander are in this heat.

There’s some traffic at an early barrier but it seems none of the American women are bothered by it (or I missed something).

Frerichs is settled among the top four, Ostrander is hanging around eight. Both look good.

Frerichs is used to a pace like this in a heat, but Ostrander will likely have to run a personal best to advance.

Around the 4:05 mark Frerichs presses to up around second place.

Chepkoech, is leading, through the first kilometer in 3:08. Frerichs is trailing her. Top fourth are pulling away a little, but fifth connects and makes it a group of five.

Chepkoech, Frerichs and Krause are pulling away.

Moller keeps a bit of a connection to those top three.

Chepkoech, world record holder, through two kilimeters in 6:16, Frerichs behind her.

Bell around 8:08.

Frerichs is wide in lane one, in second, through the water.

They are cranking a bit.

Chepkoech extends her lead just a little through the line.

Moller, who had been playing with a meter behind the leaders, pressed and caught Krause for the third spot.

The top four all run 9:18. Moller runs a PR for that third spot.

Chepkoech, Frerichs and Moller automatically advance to the finals.

9:55 AM – Women’s 3,000m Steeple – Heat 1

The women are gathering on the startline. Emma Coburn is sorting out, or maybe telling the officials, where she’ll be on the line.


They’re off. Coburn settles into fourth and moves up to third near the finish line.

Through the first water, everything’s clear. Coburn looks relaxed.

Six laps to go at around 2:00.

Xu, from China, leads through the second water jump.

About 3:09 through the first kilometer.

Grovdal, of Norway, moved to the lead before the water. But, things are pretty bunched and she’s sucked into the pack coming out of the water.

Coburn is hanging out around third.

Chemutai and Chespol in front. Coburn third. Three laps to go. Abebe in fourth.

Only top three get the automatic qualifier. Anyone after that will have to see if they make it into the final on time.

Coburn moves to the front about 6:40 in and leads into two laps to go.

The top three, Coburn, Chemutai and Chespol, pull away from the rest of the race. At least a ten meter gap.

Coburn is 8:11 at the bell.

All three out of the water clean.

Chemutai takes the lead and makes a gap. Coburn doesn’t mind and goes through the line in second.

9:21 Chemutai, 9:23 Coburn, 9:24 Chespol for the automatic spots in the final.

9:52 AM – Women’s 3,000m Steeple – Call room

The women are prepped and appear to be mostly cleared out of the call room. We catch a glimpse of Courtney Frerichs on the feed.

8:58 AM – Women’s 3,000m Steeple – Heat updates

It’s about an hour before the steeple heats get started. There are three heats. Top three in each heat and the next six fastest times qualify for the final on Monday September 30.

Defending champion Emma Coburn will be in heat one with hip nine. Allie Ostrander and Courtney Frerichs will be in heat two, hips six and twelve respectively.

Colleen Quigley scratched from heat three due the injury. Marisa Howard, the designated alternate, wasn’t given enough advanced notice to be able to make it to the start line, so there will be no Americans in the third and final heat.

Link to Women’s 800 live results

8:49 AM – Women’s 800m – Heat 6

There are no Americans in this heat.

Renelle Lamote, of France, and Lynsey Sharp, of Great Britain, spend a lot of time going 1-2.

Sharp finishes fourth in 2:03.57 and will not advance. Lamote wins in 2:03.36.

8:41 AM – Women’s 800m – Heat 5

Hanna Green is in this heat. She’ll be starting in lane seven.

Off the curve Green slides into third.

Leaders through 400m in 60 seconds. Green went through in second.

Green now shoulder to shoulder with Wang through 600m.

The pack swings very wide and people are moving up.

Winner through in 2:03.22. Green looks disappointed. She was not in the top three, which she needed to be to automatically advance.

The pack ran away from her and she probably will not advance to the next round. She finished last in the heat in 2:04.37.

8:35 AM – Women’s 800m – Heat 4

Ce’Aira Brown is in this heat. She’ll be starting in lane seven.

Brown settles into top three off the curve. She’s in fourth through 400. The leader goes through 400 under 60.

Brown is in third through 600m.

Brown holds off fourth place over the last 100 meters.

The heat is won in 2:02.01.

Brown is second in 2:02.01 and automatically qualifies for the next round.

8:26 AM – Women’s 800m – Heat 3

No Americans are in this heat.

Nanyondo, of Uganda, leads through 400. She’s through in 58 seconds.

She leads into the homestretch and pulls away over the last 100 meters. She wins the heat in 2:00.36 and automatically qualifies for the next round.

8:19 AM – Women’s 800m – Heat 2

Raevyn Rogers in this heat.

Rogers to the lead after curve.

They are just under 60 through the 400.

The pack is wide across the track through 600.

Rogers pulls away a little, or the pack slows, over the last 100 meters.

Rogers takes the heat in 2:02:01 and automatically advances to the next round.

8:10 AM – Women’s 800m – Heat 1

Ajee Wilson is in the first heat of six heats in the women’s 800m. Top three go through to the final. Wilson is in lane eight.

They’re off.

Off the curve Wilson slides across the track into the lead. They are about about 61 second through the 400.

Down the back stretch she holds the lead.

Down the homestretch she maintains her lead and wins the heat in 2:02.10 and automatically advances to the next round.

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