LiveBLOG — USAs 2019: Day 4

I’ll be live-blogging here today for (most of) the distance races. There might be some live-tweets (@nicolebbush) as well.

To follow along, keep hitting that refresh button. And remember, this reads from bottom to top with the newest info at the top.

Events include: men’s Michelob Ultra 800m final, women’s Nike 3,000m steeple final, men’s Toyota & women’s Chocolate Milk 5,000m final, women’s Toyota 800m final and the men’s Chocolate Milk 1,500m final.

Link to the heat sheets:

Alright, that is all for me. I’m finally going to go to the bathroom.

Thank you to everyone who followed along and especially thank you to everyone who reached out and was like, “Thank you for doing this!”

I’ll probably be back blogging for the world championships for anyone interested.


7:43 PM — Men’s 1,500m Final — Results

7:33 PM — Men’s 1,500m Final — Race

It’s still raining hard-ish. The men are striding out. Some people are doing leg swings. This is the most pre-start footage they’ve shown today—so that’s neat.

Lots and lots of strides footage. Much of it focused on Blankenship.

Okay after a lot of jumps footage, I can hear them announcing the men in the background.

They announce Centro with a much fanfare from the crowd.

This final could be real crazy. Will Blankenship pull off the win? Will Centro care enough? Who’s going to surprise? What will Pat Casey do?

They take their marks, but someone moves and they call them up for a redododo. And they are off clean.

Engles to the front with Yorks.

47 through 300.

Pack is running wide out to lane four.

Yorks, Engles, Casey, Prakel… the rest of the whole pack basically.

64 through the 400.

Casey is up on on Engels shoulder.

Centro moving up, into third.

Bell lap and the whole pack is there, 2:53 and people GO.

Engles, Centro, Yorks.

Engles pulling away a bit, Centro, and Thompson movingup!

Engles takes it! He’s 3:44.93 to Centro’s 3:44.97.

Thompson in third with 3:45.

Engles and his mustache and his mullet are going to Doha.

Bad news though, Thompson ain’t got the WCS, so Blankenship makes his first world team.

7:31 PM — Men’s 1,500m Final — Start List

7:17 PM — Women’s 800m Final — Results

7:15 PM — Women’s 800m Final — Race

The women are standing waiting to take their marks.

They are out.

Wilson to the front, and Rogers behind her.

Wilson leading through 400 in 57, followed by Mu and Rogers.

Green moves up.

Wilson still leading, Rogers, Mu, Green all together through 600.

Mu falls off. Wilson pulls away for the win in 1:57. Green in 1:58 and Rogers in 1:58.

This is Wilson’s 3rd 800m title in a row.

7:12 PM — Women’s 800m Final — Start List

7:02 PM — Women’s 5,000m Final — Results

6:41 PM — Women’s 5,000m Final — Race

The women take their marks, but they get called up for redodo.

They are out clean, but not very fast—about 80.

Kemp is leading, Schneider in second, Conley third, Taylor in fourth.

They cut to the vault, so the live results say Schweizer and Hall to the front.

It’s starting to rain, like actual weather.

The pack is pretty bunched, some women are out in lane 3 moving around.

Schweizer in the front still, Hall, Purrier.

Leaders ran about 73 for the lap leading up to 1,400m.

Houlihan is running front mid pack.

Conley and …. The just mentioned getting a drink with Mark Coogan in the broadcast, lol… well Conley was moving up but she settled back in mid pack.

Buchalski moved up, she’s running in third now.

73s the last three laps for Hall who’s leading now.

Houlihan is moving around, getting closer toward the front. I can wait to see her kick. She moved into 2nd.

Broad cast cut to vault.

Live results says Cranny is leading through 3,000m at 9:24.

Houlihan, Bruce, Hall, Schneider, Schweizer, Fraser.

Bruce to front, Houlihan, Cranny, running 74s.

They cut back to the race.

Bruce, Houlihan, Cranny & Schweizer.

Broadcast cuts to jumps, so live results says Houlihan took the lead, followed by teammates Schweizer and Hall.

72 lap by Houlihan through 3,800m.

2 laps to go, Houlihan and Schweizer.

Schweizer to the front, Houlihan, Schneider, Hall, Purrier.

600 to go.

Those 5 have pulled away.

Schweizer and Schneider through the bell. Purrier and Houlihan.

Hall fading.

Schneider and Houlihan through 200 to go. Four are up there.

Houlihan shift gears and pulls away and runs the WCS—which she needed!! 15:15.

Schweizer is 2nd in 15:17, Purrier in 3rd!!! in 15:17.

Houlihan is a badass.

6:41 PM — Women’s 5,000m Final — Start List

6:39 PM Men’s 5,000m Final — Results

6:23 PM Men’s 5,000m Final — Race

Chelimo takes it out.

They cut to women’s pole vault but live results says Chelimo is through the 1,000m in 2:30, Kincaid and Lomong with him.

The those top three have many meters on the field.

Lomong has race the 10,000 three days ago, so it waiting to see how his legs hold up.

In the broadcast they mention that Kincaid, who’s running in second, is running faster than his mile PR for those early laps. Hey sometimes you just gotta go big.

They cut to pole vault again, but on the live results the leaders—Chelimo leading now—are running 67/68-ish laps.

Chelimo takes a look back.

Ben True is leading the chase pack, about 5 seconds back.

Chelimo puts in a surge but everyone stays with him.

As much as people seem to be concerned for Kincaid, he looks cuper chill and is holding his own.

Chelimo just stepped out to the side and tucked back into second. Now Kincaid is leading, Lomong still in third.

The lead pack is starting to come back to the chase pack.

Hassan Mead is now in third, Lomong in fourth now.

That last lap, leading to 3,400ms was 67.

Lots of steeple guys in this race too.

Hunter in 5th-ish.

Three laps to go, Kincaid still leading, Chelimo, Mead, Lomong, Bor.

64/65 for that last lap.

They cut to vault again, but live results says Kincaid, Chelimo, Mead, Lomong, Hunter.

11:29 with 800 to go. Kincaid still leading.

Chelimo moves to the front, Mead second, Lomong , Kincaid, Hunger, Masters is up there, True.

One lap to go!

200 to go, 5 men up there.

Chelimo and Lomong just GAS IT!!

Lomong $^&% does it!

And Kincaid is in third! He ran a hell of a race, but he unfortunately doesn’t have the WCS.

Lomong wins—pulling off that dub!—in 13:25, Chelimo 2nd in 13:25, Kincaid 3rd in 13:26, MEAD WAS 4th—and has the WCS—in 13:28.

6:23 PM Men’s 5,000m Final — Start List

6:05 PM Women’s 3,000m Steeple Final — Results

6:05 PM Women’s 3,000m Steeple Final — Race

This steeple race could be very interesting.

Watch Coburn, Frerichs, Quigley, Lawrence and Ostrander.

They are the line and they are off.

Coburn settles to the back and… they cut the feed and then the feed freaks out…

On the live results Lawrence is leading, Howard second, Quigley third. Ostrander, Frerichs.

Coburn in mid pack now.

The pack is pretty bunched, with Lawrence with a tiny bit of a gap.

The leaders are running about 78s.

Oh cool, they remembered PIP!

Everyone is just chilling. Moves will be being made soon.

Lawrence still leading, Frerichs moved up into second, Quigley third, Ostrander fourth. Coburn just chilling towards the back of the forming lead pack.

Two laps to go at 6:01.

The crowd gets a bit louder. They are showing a high jumper standing still full screen now… OK PIP…

Frerichs is leading, Quigley.

Now Coburn to the front, Frerichs, Quigley. Ostrander off the back.

Coburn is dropping the hammer. Frerichs is holding on. Quigley is trailing, but in third.

One lap to go, Coburn looks so damn good. Frerichs is putting up a fight but Coburn is pulling away a bit.

Last water jump…. Coburn out clean. Last barrier Frerichs is coming up on Coburn but Coburn responds!

Ostrander in fourth! She’s got the WCS!!! She’ll be going to the World Champs!

Coburn 9:25, Frerichs 9:26, Quigley 9:30 and Ostrander in 9:38.

What a bitchen team for Ostrander to make!

6:05 PM Women’s 3,000m Steeple Final — Start list

6:02 PM — Men’s 800m Final — Race

They started the men’s final, showing it from real far away.

But there’s some jostling through 200.

54 through 400.

They are wide out into lane two. Brazier is running away with 100 to go.

1:45 for Brazier, Murphy 1:46, Hoppel 1:46 for your top three.

Brazier kind of made everyone look stupid.

5:55 PM — Men’s 800m Final — Start List

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