LiveBLOG — USAs 2019: Day 3

I’ll be live-blogging here today for the few distance races slated for today. There might be some live-tweets (@nicolebbush) as well.

To follow along, keep hitting that refresh button. And remember, this reads from bottom to top with the newest info at the top.

Events include: women’s Nike 1,500m final and men’s Michelob Ultra 3,000m steeple final.

Link to the heat sheets:

4:14 PM — End

Nikki Hiltz and Andy Bayer run their way onto the world team—that’s enough excitement for me today. I’ll be back for the long day of finals tomorrow.


4:09 PM — Men’s 3,000m Steeple Final — Results

3:50 PM — Men’s 3,000m Steeple Final

Missed this start being excited about the women’s 1,500, shit.

Bor is in the lead, Bayer in 2nd.

Bayer’s now in the lead 2:30 in.

Bor behind him, Kebenei in 3rd.

They cut the feed to a field event, but Ferlic looks to be in 4th.


The top 4 men have separated themselves from the field.

Running Bayer, Bor, Kebenei and Ferlic. They all have the WCS so the race for 3rd will be interesting.

They cut the feed again…

Kebenei now leads, Bor 2nd, Bayer 3rd, Ferlic.

They cut the feed again…

Looks like Ferlic is fading a bit and is solo in 4th.

Two laps left, top three are through in 6:09.

Bor is leading now, Kebenei, Bayer—They all look good.

Oh good job they aren’t cutting to another event because there’s 500 to go.. thanks.

Bell lap, Bor in 7:17.

300 to go, Bayer is killing in 3rd. Bor and Kebenei are going after it battling. They look on it through the last water—that was fkn beautiful.

Bor takes it in 8:18, which isn’t bad for this heat.

Kebenei gives it up to Bor with a few meters to go and Bor celebrates before getting to the line.

Bayer, after some blunting strings of 4th places finally gets a 3rd to make the world team.

Bor 1st in 8:18, Kebenei 2nd in 8:19 and Bayer 3rd in 8:23.

3:57 PM — Women’s 1,500m Final — Results

3:50 PM — Women’s 1,500m final

The women are on the line, they are being introduced in the background, but the announcers are talking about some men’s race.

Clean start, Johnson is leading, Hiltz on her shoulder. Simpson running in 4th.

Johnson is extending a gap. Osika and Simpson 2-3.

Johnson has quite a gap. With two to go she is through 700 in 1:54.

2:11 through 800.

I’m waiting for Simpson and Houlihan to make some big moves. Grace also.

They have closed the gap and Johnson looks like she’s going to fade.

Simpson to the lead, Houlihan behind her, Grace behind her. Hiltz.

They are going wide with 100.

Houlihan takes it! Simpson 2nd. HILTZ IN THIRD and I’m emotional about it.

3:36 PM — Women’s 1,500m final —Start List

Today’s short and savory with just two distance finals. Below is the start list for the final.

Last year, Jenny Simpson and Shelby Houlihan went out in the dead back of the race and ended up 1-2, Houlihan coming away with the win. I think that’s funny.

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