LiveBLOG — USAs 2019: Day 2

I’ll be live-blogging here today for (most of) the distance races. There might be some live-tweets (@nicolebbush) as well.

To follow along, keep hitting that refresh button. And remember, this reads from bottom to top with the newest info at the top.

Events include: men’s 1,500m first round, women’s 3,000m steeple first round and women’s & men’s 800m semifinal.

I likely won’t be able to live-blog the 800s though.

Link to the heat sheets:

5:26 PM — Women’s 3,000m Steeple — Thoughts

Coburn has won 7 US Championships and Frerichs is gunning for her first.

I’m going to humble brag for a second—I’m the only one to win a US title during Coburn’s reign. (No I didn’t beat her—Google it.)

Frerichs has the American Record, which she “took” from Coburn. So the race for the title will be very, very exciting.

Assuming Coburn and Frerichs go 1-2 (which isn’t a sure thing in the steeple) the race for 3rd/4th will also be very, very exciting.

Will it be the ever solid performer Quigley? Probably. She’s scripted to make the team, running to a third place finish.

But the race between Allie O and Lawrence will be good.

I can’t wait to see the big performances on Sunday for those World Champs spots. At least two women will run out of their minds and post something special.


5:24 PM — Women’s 3,000m Steeple — All Heats

5:08 PM — Women’s 3,000m Steeple — Heat 2

This heat features Olympic bronze medalist and World Champion Emma Coburn and Olympian Colleen Quigley.

They’re showing more of the hammer. Where’s the picture-in-picture?

Alright 2nd heat on the track. They’re intro’ing the women.

Taking their marks, clean start.

Both Coburn and Quigley tuck in.

Well, and then they untuck and move to the outside of lane one, but stay back.

Quigley moving up into second. Stoner is leading.

Quigley comes out of the water with the lead, but she tucks back into 2nd/3rd.

Emma behind-ish her in 5th.

A gap is forming behind the top 5. But people are fighting to close it.

They are bunched back up.

On the broadcast they are talking about how, because Emma won the world champs last year, she gets an automatic bid this year. So, if four women have the standard, we can take four women to world champs this year.

They are showing the hammer, but I can hear them mention Quigley in the background.

From the live results, it looks like Coburn and Quigley are leading. Followed by Howard, Stoner and Barnes.

They are running 76s and 78s up front.

Okay, back to the boardcast.

Coburn and Quigley have started a gap. I assume Quigley will just hang on Coburn for the rest of the race.

Howard is solo in 3rd, Stoner is 4th a bit solo too.

Both Coburn and Quigley are hurdling pretty well at this slow-for-them pace.

Bell lap around 8:38. Coburn and Quigley open it up just a little, but nothing crazy. Coburn is moving really well for the pace.

Coburn opens it up a little bit more on Quigley, but Quigley has no reason to match her, she’s just gotta get the big Q.

It’s Coburn in 9:51, Quigley in 9:53, Howard in 9:59, Austin in 9:59 and Stoner in 10:01 with the big Qs.

4:57 PM — Women’s 3,000m Steeple — Heat 1

People to watch for in this heat: Courtney Frerichs (who’s run 9:00 and has the American Record), Allie Ostrander and Marie Lawrence.

Allie is winding up for big things.

On the feet they are showing the hammer, but they are announcing the women in the background.

On the line, they are called up to re-dodo taking their marks.

Off the line clean, Frerichs tucks into second. Katy Kunc leading, Allie O—a 3x NCAA champ—in 3rd.

Then they cut back to the hammer and idk what’s going on…

Frerichs got after the water barrier and came out leading, but tucks backs in.

And cut to hammer again… I guess they only get PIP once a year.

Still Kunc, Frerichs and Allie O.

Lawrence moving up near Allie Os shoulder.

Frerichs is just chilling. She obviously doesn’t want to lead, but she’s got to hurdle well enough to not waste energy.

Allie O to the lead.

Frerichs just off her shoulder.

Lawrence 3rd.

The top three are starting to gap the field.

Frerichs is biding her time with three to go. She’s still on Allie O’s shoulder, Lawrence half a meter back.

Now they are ramping up, Allie O and Frerichs pulling away.

Lawrence doesn’t need to go with them, she can save her energy for the final as long as she locks up a top 5 finish here.

Allie O and Frerichs have been running 76s.

Frerichs keeps gaping Allie O over the barriers, but now officially takes the lead before the last water.

It’s Frerichs in 9:46, Allie O in 9:47, Lawrence in 9:58, Wilson in 10:05 and Kunc in 10:14. They all get big Qs.

4:52 PM — Women’s 3,000m Steeple — Heats

Heat 1 of 2 Prelims
1 Courtney Frerichs NIKE/Bowerman TC 9:00.85
2 Katy Kunc HOKA NJNYTC 9:55.76
3 Tori Gerlach Reebok 9:48.89
4 Allie Ostrander BROOKS Beasts 9:31.44
5 Briar Brumley Cornell 10:04.64
6 Marie Lawrence Oiselle/L W A 9:29.81
7 Alex Wilson Oiselle 9:48.37
8 Andrea Rodenfels Unattached 9:57.00
9 Kelly Naumann Iowa St. 10:03.78
10 Alicia Douglas Unattached 10:08.18
11 Kira Garry Unattached 10:07.69

Heat 2 of 2 Prelims
1 Christine Thorn Roots R P 10:06.30
2 Cierra Simmons Utah St. 9:49.33
3 Paige Stoner Unattached 9:39.10
4 Anna McDonald Texas 9:58.07
5 Courtney Barnes McKirdy Trained 9:49.04
6 Emma Coburn New Balance 9:04.90
7 Colleen Quigley NIKE/Bowerman TC 9:11.41
8 Marisa Howard Unattached 9:36.46
9 Julia Webb Unattached 10:22.68
10 Caroline Austin Seattle R C 9:59.29
11 Sarah Berger Unattached 10:06.31

4:50 PM — Men’s 1,500m — All heats

4:43 PM — Men’s 1,500m — Heat 3

Justine Kiprotich—a MSU guy—in this heat. So it Centro, Blankenship, Sam Prakel.

No Lomong or Murphy in this heat.

They are out clean.

Centro on the rail in 2nd-ish.

David Ribich leading.

Blankenship in 3rd. Kip in 4th.

61 for the first 400.

They aren’t bunched, but they aren’t strung out.

Prakel on the outside in 3rd. Centro a little boxed, but moving out.

Running 3 wide through the bell, Prakel, Blankenship and Centro.

Prakel pressing with Blankenship, Centro in 3rd—They’re gapping 4th.

Blankenship, Prakel, Centro all in 3:43.

4:36 PM — Men’s 1,500m — Heat 2

On the broadcast, Carrie says it’s much hotter today than yesterday.

This second heat is pretty stacked including Craig Engels, Henry Wynee. Donavan Brazier has scratched.

Clean start, Engles out in 4th. Christopher Hatler in the lead.

400 in 61.

Engles is stalking out the outside of lane one from the 5th position.

62 for that last lap, 2:04 for the 800m.

Now everyone’s bunching, Engles in out in lane two, moving.

Lots of movement going on.

Wynee leads, Engles behind him. They are draw a bit of a gap.

They are running two wide.

4:43 for Engles, Wynne and Avila.

Things look good for Pat Casey to make it through to the final.

4:26 PM — Men’s 1,500m — Heat 1

The first heat is striding out on the track now.

It’s good to see Kyle Merber on the track after a year away from the track with an injury. Fastest seed in this heat is Johnny Gregorek with 3:35.21.

Carrie is talking about how good and smart Gregorek is. His dad was a 3:52 miler.

They take their marks and are called up for a re-dodo.

They are off the line clean. Merber to the front.

57.84 for the first 400.

Izaic Yorks in 2nd, Gregorek in 3rd.

1:59 through the 800, so that slowed.

Merber’s still in the front, but now they’re bunching.

2:45 at the bell.

Still Merber, Yorks, Gregorek.

Thompson around into second at the turn.

Thompson, Yorks and Gregorek cross the line 1-2-3.

They all ran 3:42.

4:25 PM — Men’s 1,500m — Heats

Heat 1 of 3 Prelims
1 Izaic Yorks Brooks/BR BEASTS 3:36.52
2 Tim Gorman Mammoth TC 3:40.52
3 Josh Thompson NIKE/Bowerman TC 3:38.71
4 Robert Napolitano HOKA ONE ONE 3:38.48
5 Johnny Gregorek ASICS 3:35.21
6 James Randon Saucony/Freedom 3:39.17
7 Patrick Casey Under Armour 3:37.06
8 Brannon Kidder Brooks/BR BEASTS 3:35.27
9 Kyle Merber HOKA NJNY 3:40.52
10 Nicholas Harris Unattached 3:39.04

Heat 2 of 3 Prelims
1 Donavan Brazier Nike Oregon Proj 3:37.18
2 Henry Wynne Brooks/BR BEASTS 3:35.14
3 Eric Avila adi/Mission 3:36.41
4 Jeremy Hernandez HOKA NJNYTC 3:37.90
5 Mac Fleet NIKE 3:40.75
6 Tripp Hurt Unattached 3:38.73
7 Christopher Hatler Philadelphia RC 3:40.28
8 Patrick Joseph Unattached 3:39.37
9 Graham Crawford HOKA NJNY 3:38.92
10 Craig Engels Nike Oregon Proj 3:35.32

Heat 3 of 3 Prelims
1 Sam Prakel adidas 3:35.66
2 Matthew Centrowitz NIKE/Bowerman TC 3:31.77
3 Paul Ryan Washington St 3:40.98
4 Benjamin Malone HOKA NJNYTC 3:39.94
5 Justine Kiprotich Unattached 3:38.83
6 Ben Blankenship NIKE/NIKE OTCE 3:36.22
7 Jacob Edwards Columbus R C 3:38.77
8 Vincent Ciattei NIKE/NIKE OTCE 3:39.60
9 Clayton Murphy Nike Oregon Proj 3:37.59
10 Lopez Lomong NIKE/Bowerman TC 3:53.86
11 David Ribich Brooks/BR BEASTS 3:37.44

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