LiveBLOG — USAs 2019: Day 1

I’ll be live-blogging here today for (most of) the distance races. There might be some live-tweets (@nicolebbush) as well.

To follow along, keep hitting that refresh button. And remember, this reads from bottom to top with the newest info at the top.

Events include: women’s 1,500m first round, women’s & men’s 800m first round, men’s 3,000m steeple first round and women’s & men’s 10,000m final.

Link to the heat sheets:

10:09 PM — Fin

Okay, that’s all for today. I’ll be back tomorrow, probably. But right now I’m finally going to go to the bathroom and get a drink of water.


10:07 PM — Men’s 10,000m — Final/Top 10

9:56 PM — Men’s 10,000 Final — After 7,200k

Kipchirchir and Lomong are on about 68 second laps.

It will get interesting if 1-2 and 3-4 are together with a lap to go. The race for the win and the race for 3rd—that World Champ spot.

Lomong to the front with about 3 laps to go, he drops a 66.

64 for Lomong and Kipchirchir.

Lomong looks so smooth and like this is easy.

600 to go… and my feed goes haywire…

It’s back!

At the bell Lomong shifts about 3 gears and just blows away.

He fist bumps and nods a finger at the crowd with 100 to go.

27:30 for Lomong. 55 last lap.

Kipchirchir in 2nd 27:47. Last lap 72… He and Lomong had opposite last laps.

Korir in 3rd in 28:01. Last lap 63.

9:44 PM — Men’s 10,000 Final — After 2 miles

They are running 67-ish.

Kipchirchir, Korir, Lomong, Erassa, Reid Buchanan.

The drums have gotten extra loud in the feed. Carrie is shouting out the drums because they used to do this shit at Stanford and it was awesome.

Kipchirchir is opening up a big gap.

But Lomong moved hard and closed the gap. He’s now running on Kipchirchir.

64 second lap for Kipchirchir.

They’re starting to lap the field.

Another 65 second lap.

5,200 meters for Kipchirchir and Lomong 14:18.

“Really well muscled” was said on the broadcast.

They are slowing a bit to 67 laps.

Korir and Erassa are in 3rd and 4th, respectively.

9 laps to go, leaders are still running 67s.

Both Kipchirchir and Lomong both look really relaxed.

The top 4 men all have the WCS.

There is a 10-ish second gap between 1-2 and 3-4.

Kipchirchir through 7,200 in 21:03

9:30 PM — Men’s 10,000m Final

The band is playing some awesome music as the men come out onto the track for the 10,000m.

Award for cutest 10k couple goes to Stephanie and Ben Bruce, as they are both running the event final this evening.

Four men have the World Champ Standard: Lopez Lomong, Kirubel Erassa, Leonard Korir and Shadrack Kipchirchir.

They got on the line and then started the race.

Kipchirchir to the front with a couple meter gap.

64 through 400.

The race is strung out immediately.

The couple meter gap is gone and Korir is in the front.

3:16 through 1200.

Kipchirchir to the front with a bit of a gap. Followed by Korir and Lomong.

4:23 through the 4 laps.

This race is going to hurt real bad for a lot of people.

Korir to the front now.

2k in 5:30.

It’s raining now. Really, like weather.

Kipchirchir is leading now, then Korir, Lomong.

The race is super strung out, all single file.

Korir to the front again.

Through 2-miles around 8:51.

9:30 PM — Men’s 10,000m Final Start List

Section 1 of 1 Finals
1 Benjamin Bruce HOKA NAZ El 28:48.99
2 John Reniewicki Arizona St. 28:42.34
3 Kevin Lewis Team USA Mn 28:32.06
4 Paul Hogan Boston A A 28:49.55
5 Lopez Lomong NIKE/Bowerman TC28:21.37
6 Lucas Stalnaker U.S. Marine C 28:57.02
7 Alex Monroe Roots R P 28:53.00
8 Connor Winter Tinman Elite 28:34.38
9 Aaron Templeton Unattached 28:27.85
10 Willy Fink Unattached 28:28.36
11 Trevor Dunbar Boston A A 28:24.62
12 Timothy Rackers Boulder TC 28:41.97
13 Joel Reichow Team USA Mn 28:42.35
14 Reed Fischer Tinman Elite 28:38.62
15 Brian Shrader Saucony/Freedom 28:28.99
16 Zach Panning Hansons-Brooks 28:30.77
17 Kirubel Erassa Unattached 27:32.89
18 Garrett Heath Brooks/BR BEASTS27:56.11
19 Reid Buchanan Mammoth TC 27:58.67
20 Clayton Young ASICS 28:18.50
21 Leonard Korir NIKE/U.S. Army 27:34.01
22 Connor McMillan BYU 28:09.55
23 Jacob Thomson Boston A A 28:09.88
24 Shadrack Kipchirchir NIKE 27:39.65

9:28 PM — Women’s 10,000m — Thoughts

Huddle is oen of the most impressive athletes this sport has seen. She has 28 (the f??) US titles and brings it every time.

I also can’t wait to see what Sisson does this summer and over the next few years.

9:26 PM — Women’s 10,000m — Top Ten

9:17 PM — Women’s 10,000m — After 6 laps to go

Sisson, Hall/Huddle, Taylor, Bruce.

Sisson looks so composed.

26:01 at 8k.

The tension is building.

27:16 for 4 laps to go.

Huddle moves up on Sisson’s shoulder.

They’re having to work to pass and lap others in the field.

Huddle is in the lead on the outside of lane one.

She’s pushing with 3 to go 28:30.

Huddle stretching a tiny gap. Sisson still looks good. Taylor moving up on Sisson a little.

2 laps to go—Huddle is making this thing go. 71 for that last lap. She’s got 5-10 meters on everyone.

I’m getting the feels. Huddle has about 500 left to run.

Huddle 30:51 at the bell lap.

Taylor is in 2nd, Sisson in 3rd.

Huddle is passing people like whateverdudes.

I frickin’ love Molly Huddle.

Huddle wins her 150th US Championship!

For her last 3,000m 9:06 the live broadcast says.

9:12 PM — Women’s 10,000m — After… I lost the split…18:38

Sisson is in control of this. The lead pack is starting to lap the field.

Sisson, Hall, Huddle, Taylor, Bruce have separated from everybody else.

Eight laps to go, 22:15 for Sission.

The lead group looks good. 3k to run.

Huddle has been running wide for a long time, on the outside of lane one.

6 laps to go at 24:45.

9:06: PM — Women’s 10,000m — After 4k

Huddle looks a little like she might be getting a little antsy, but is composed.

Tabb moving a bit, has a meter-ish on the group.

Sisson moving wide and taking the lead, Molly moves with her trailing just behind.

Did the male commentator just talk about Sisson’s body type?

Sisson, Huddle, Hall—the pace is moving up.

74.5 on that lap for Sisson.

Bruce in 5th. Tabb has faded to 9th.

Sission, Hall, Huddle.

Sission has a meter-ish on the pack.

Everything is stringing out. Six in the top pack with a 7th fading off.

9:00 PM — Women’s 10,000m — After 2k

Bruce leading, Huddle on her shoulder, Tabb on her shoulder. Sisson in 4th. Hall in 5th.

This race is so long. I can’t believe I have a slight interest in this crazy event.

Tabb to the front just before 9 minutes in.

I haven’t mentioned it’s wet out there. It’s raining or has been raining. That doesn’t really matter—it’s just in case you wanted to know.

The field is still pretty bunched up, for a 10k at least.

10:40 through the 2-mile. They’re almost running 80s. That’s 5:20 pace.

Tabb and Bruce don’t have the World Champs Standard, while Huddle and Sisson and a few others do. So the so called big names in the field aren’t really concerned about time.

4k in 13:22, Tabb leading, Bruce after, Huddle moving up a little—in third.

9:53 PM — Women’s 10,000m — Final

Marielle Hall is in the front, Sission behind her, Huddle behind her, Stephanie Bruce behind/next to her.

Bruce to the front. She’s gonna make this an honest race.

I mean people aren’t used to ideal conditions in Des Moines, so they forget about running fast here.

Carrie is talking about how Bruce’s finishing speed isn’t quite as good as everyone else’s that she’d need to beat or run faster than to make this team.

Bruce, Huddle, Tabb, Sisson, Taylor for the top 5, six minutes into the race.

Molly is a 27 time US Champ/Badass.

20 laps left (barf) through in 6:44 at 2,000m.

8:49 PM —Women’s 10,000m — Final

This is probably the most ideal weather that could ever happen in Des Moines for a 10,000m run. Usually it’s a billion degrees on the track and USATF is arguing to hold the 10,000m at noon.

I think Emily Sisson is the one to watch.

8:48 PM — Women’s 10,000m — Final Start List

Section 1 of 1 Finals
1 Anne-Marie Blaney Hansons-Brooks 32:31.50
2 Hannah Everson U.S. Air Force 32:28.35
3 Natalie Rodriguez HOKA Aggie R C NT
4 Danielle Shanahan HOKA NAZ El 32:22.59
5 Melissa Dock Boulder TC 33:10.24
6 Kellyn Taylor HOKA NAZ El 32:13.54
7 Margareta Montoya Roots R P 33:41.11
8 Maddie Van Beek Unattached 33:19.27
9 Jaci Smith U.S. Air Force 32:28.15
10 Olivia Pratt Hansons-Brooks 33:20.49
11 Erin Clark HOKA NAZ El 32:28.88
12 Hannah Dorman HOKA Aggie R C 33:14.60
13 Sarah Pease Oiselle 33:18.96
14 Jessica Watychowicz Colorado Spr TC 33:19.89
15 Molly Huddle Saucony 30:58.46
16 Jessica Tonn Unattached 32:06.19
17 Sarah Pagano adidas 31:51.66
18 Stephanie Bruce HOKA NAZ El 32:05.05
19 Marielle Hall NIKE/Bowerman TC31:56.68
20 Emily Sisson New Balance 30:49.57
21 Elaina Tabb Boston A A 31:55.72

8:46 PM — Men’s 3,000m Steeple — All Qs

8:33 PM — Men’s 3,000m Steeple — Heat 2

The second heat is on the track. There is no Evan Jager on the line this year, as he’s out with injury. The fastest seed in this heat is Stanley Kebenei with 8:15, followed by Andy Bayer with 8:16.

They are on the line, and they’re off.

Mason Ferlic to the front. Donn Cabral in 2nd, Bayer up there too.

Bayer to 2nd behind Ferlic.

They aren’t bunched, but they aren’t strung out.

On the broadcast, Carrie Tollefson is mentioning how Bayer hasn’t raced much and DNF’d a few races. She says people are wondering how he’ll do.

“Powerfully built,” the male announcer said of Cabral…

Bailey Roth is leading.

Someone fell, possibly Kyle Medina.

Bayer in the lead now. Stanley Kebenei in 2nd, Ferlic 3rd.

Those top three are pulling away from the rest of the group.

This heat is going quicker than the last heat.

7:25ish for the bell. Kebenei takes the lead.

Bayer holding in 2nd, Ferlic still third.

Obsa Ali, from Minnesota, running in 4th.

Kebenei in 8:32, Bayer 2nd in 8:32, Ferlic 3rd in 8:33, Bor 4th in 8:34 and Ali in 5th with 8:34.

8:22 PM — Men’s 3,000m Steeple — Heat 1

They are setting up the barriers now—hope they are at the right height 😉

Now they are on the line. They take their marks, and they’re off.

Hillary Bor has the fastest seed time in this heat with 8:08. The next fastest seed is 8:25 by Isaac Updike.

69 second first lap. Brian Barraza is leading.

Mark Parrish, in 2nd, steepled the water pit and it he came 1st out of the water. I hope he keeps doing that, because I want to see how it progresses.

Bor to the front. He’s gaining inches coming off each barrier.

Jordan Mann is running second. Bor looks so good. He looks like he’s jogging—which he kind of is.

They’ve got two laps to go. Bor let Mann go by. Bor seems unconcerned.

But Bor goes back to the front because he’s just better at hurdling and I assume would rather have his own rhytm.

7:29 (I think) at the bell.

Bor is pulling away after the last water jump.

Bor in 8:34, David Goodman 2nd in 8:35, Mann 3rd in 8:35, Frankline Tonui 4th in 8:35, Updike in 5th in 8:35.

8:20 PM — Men’s 3,000m Steeple heats

And we’re back. Here’re the steeple heats. Copy and pasted from:

Heat 1 of 2 Prelims
1 Joseph Berriatua Tinman Elite 8:44.37
2 Bryce Miller Unattached 8:42.81
3 Craig Nowak Furman Elite 8:36.60
4 David Goodman Boulder TC 8:31.36
5 Hillary Bor NIKE/U.S. Army 8:08.41
6 MJ Erb Saucony/Freedom 8:28.62
7 Isaac Updike HOKA NJNYTC 8:25.38
8 Frankline Tonui NIKE/U.S. Army 8:30.82
9 Travis Mahoney HOKA NJNY 8:28.76
10 Alex Rogers Texas 8:35.25
11 Jordan Mann Ocean State 8:26.65
12 Brian Barraza adidas 8:33.03
13 Mark Parrish Unattached 8:33.13

Heat 2 of 2 Prelims
1 Mason Ferlic NIKE 8:27.29
2 Benard Keter NIKE/U.S. Army 8:29.94
3 Kyle Medina Tinman Elite 8:34.83
4 Stanley Kebenei NIKE 8:15.94
5 Bailey Roth Unattached 8:38.68
6 Andy Bayer NIKE 8:16.52
7 Michael Jordan NIKE/U.S. Army 8:32.69
8 Donnie Cowart Unattached 8:35.07
9 Daniel Michalski Indiana 8:30.69
10 Donn Cabral HOKA NJNY 8:31.61
11 Obsa Ali Minnesota 8:28.46
12 Stephen Jones Mississippi 8:41.27

7:35 PM — Break

I’ll be aqua jogging on a full stomach—of mac n cheese and salmon—until the next distance events. Wish me luck.

7:09 PM — Men’s 800 — All Qs

7:03 PM — Men’s 800 — Heat 4

Bryce Hoppel has the fastest seed time in this heat with 1:44.

They are annoying the men in the background while showing a different event. No pic-in-pic???

I hear them called to their marks and the gun.

Bryce Hoppel, from Kansas, out in front. He’s someone to watch for.

53 with 400 to go.

Daniel Nixon is in second.

Harun Abda in third!

Hoppel wins in 1:47, Brannon Kidder is 2nd in 1:47, Abda is 3rd in 1:48.

6:59 PM — Men’s 800 — Heat 3

Clayton Murphy is in this heat. He’s run 1:43.

They are announcing him. He’s wearing the trippy Oregon Proj jersey.

They are off. Murphy went out kind of slow an and is working his way up. He’s in 2nd.

51.93 at 400, Charles Jones is leading. Murphy passes with 200 to go and gaps everyone.

Drew Piazza moves up.

Murphy in 1:46, Piazza in 1:47, Sam Ellison in 1:47 are through with auto Qs.

6:54 PM — Men’s 800m — Heat 2

Donavan Brazier is in this heat. He’s run 1:43.

They are waiting to take their marks. They announce Brazier and then call them to their marks.

They are off. Donavan Brazier looks chill, he tucks in as everyone falls in.

He’s running in 3rd.

53 through 400. Vincent Crisp is leading. Brazier is moving up.

He moves to the lead and gaps.

He’s across the line in 1:47. Quamel Prince is 2nd in 1:48. Isaiah Jewett is 3rd in 1:48.

6:50 PM — Men’s 800m — Heat 1

Erik Sowinski is out front. Shit, it’s happening faster than I can type.

Isaiah Harris wins the heat in 1:46, Robert Downs in 1:47, and Sowinski is 3rd in 1:47.

6:49 PM — Men’s 800m — Heat info:

Heat 1 of 4 Prelims
1 Joe McAsey Retired Broz 1:47.24
2 Isaiah Harris NIKE 1:44.42
3 Erik Sowinski NIKE 1:45.07
4 Cooper Williams Indiana 1:46.45
5 Robert Downs Garden St NBal 1:47.73
6 Chris Giesting HOKA NJNY 1:46.48
7 Paris Simmons Unattached 1:47.14
8 Ryan Manahan HOKA NJNYTC 1:48.00

Heat 2 of 4 Prelims
1 Josh Hoey adidas 1:48.07
2 Isaiah Jewett Southern Cal 1:46.11
3 Vincent Crisp Texas Tech 1:47.46
4 Brandon Lasater Atlanta TC 1:46.54
5 Eliud Rutto U.S. Army 1:47.63
6 Quamel Prince District TC 1:45.58
7 Carter Lilly Iowa 1:46.95
8 Donavan Brazier Nike Oregon Proj 1:43.63

Heat 3 of 4 Prelims
1 Jesse Garn HOKA NJNY 1:46.60
2 Myles Marshall Unattached 1:48.23
3 Dejon Devroe Unattached 1:47.50
4 Charles Jones District TC 1:47.55
5 Drew Piazza NIKE/NIKE OTCE 1:45.83
6 Matt Manternach Iowa 1:46.93
7 Sam Ellison Boston A A 1:46.10
8 Clayton Murphy Nike Oregon Proj 1:43.12

Heat 4 of 4 Prelims
1 Robert Ford HOKA NJNY 1:46.43
2 Sergio Miranda Unattached 1:48.01
3 Patrick Peterson Atlanta TC 1:47.68
4 Brannon Kidder Brooks/BR BEASTS 1:45.39
5 Bryce Hoppel Kansas 1:44.41
6 Daniel Nixon Iowa St. 1:47.06
7 Dylan Capwell Atlanta TC 1:47.38
8 Harun Abda Unattached 1:46.50

6:46 — Women’s 800m — All Qs:


6:44 PM — Women’s 800 — Heat 4

Raevyn Rogers is in this heat. She’s run 1:57.

They are on the line, waiting to take their marks.

Athing Mu is also in this race.

They are off.

Mu has and American record, and a junior record in the indoor 600m.

Rogers is leading, going through 400 at…I missed it.

Rogers is leading, Mu in second.

Rogers wins in 2:01, Mu in 2:01, Baker in 2:02.

6:39 PM — Women’s 800 — Heat 3

Ce’Aira Brown is in this race.

They are off.

Gabby Crank, from Texas, is leading. Kenyetta Iyevbele, then Brown.

59 with 400 to go.

Brown to the front. Rachel Pocratsky, from VT, moving up.

Brown, Samantha Watson and Kenyetta Iyevbele all running 2:03 to auto Q for the next round.

6:30 PM — Women’s 800 — Heat 2

They are on the track waiting for the start.

Kate Grace is not on the start for this heat, like she was listed.

Hanna Green is in this heat.

They take their marks. Hanna Green taps the ground with her hand and they call them up before starting again.

Olga Kosichenko is leading. They are strung out already. Green is in 2nd.

58.79 at the bell lap.

Top three go through to the next round.

Green is leading and looks good.

Nia Akins from Penn is second.

Green is first across in 2:02, 2:03 for Akins, Sadi Henderson in 3rd with 2:04 flat.

6:22 PM — Women’s 800— Heat 1

Well they didn’t show the start of the heat 1, but they are off.

Ajee Wilson to the front.

62 at the bell lap.

Michelle Howell on Wilson’s shoulder.

150 to go. Wilson pulls away. She wins in 2:04 which is like an easy jog for her. They cut away to another even before they show the spread of heat one’s results.

Brenna Detra and Michelle Howell were through in 2:05.

6:22 PM — Cory McGee has unfortunately been DQ’s.

6:17 PM — Women’s 800m heat info:

Heat 1 of 4 Prelims
2 Emily Richards HOKA NJNYTC 2:00.67
3 Brenna Detra Boston A A 2:03.95
4 Chrishuna Williams NIKE 2:03.03
5 Skylyn Webb Unattached 2:03.00
6 Ajee’ Wilson adidas 1:56.45
7 Madeline Kopp District TC 2:00.88
8 Michelle Howell Unattached 2:04.01

Heat 2 of 4 Prelims
1 Olga Kosichenko CPTC/NBal 2:03.39
2 Kate Grace NIKE/Bowerman TC 1:59.58
3 Annette Melcher U.S. Air Force 2:04.52
4 Meghan Manley HOKA NJNYTC 2:01.73
5 Nia Akins Penn 2:01.67
6 Stephanie Schappert HOKA NJNYTC 2:05.28
7 Sadi Henderson Oiselle/L W A 2:03.31
8 Hanna Green NIKE/NIKE OTCE 1:58.75

Heat 3 of 4 Prelims
1 Rachel Pocratsky Virginia Tech 2:03.43
2 Dana Mecke Unattached 2:02.22
3 Samantha Watson adidas 2:01.46
4 Kaela Edwards adidas 1:59.68
5 Gabby Crank Texas 2:04.47
6 Ce’Aira Brown HOKA NJNYTC 1:58.01
7 Stephanie Herrick CPTC/NBal 2:05.54
8 Kenyetta Iyevbele HOKA NJNY 2:03.27

Heat 4 of 4 Prelims
1 Olivia Baker Garden St NBal 2:00.08
2 Savannah Camacho-Colon Unattached 2:02.84
3 Shea Collinsworth NIKE 2:03.51
4 Athing Mu Trenton TC 2:01.38
5 Rebecca Mehra Oiselle/L W A 2:03.04
6 Rachael Walters Grand Valley St 2:04.15
7 Brooke Feldmeier adidas 2:05.58
8 Raevyn Rogers NIKE 1:57.69

Heat info:

5:56 PM — Women’s Finals Qualifiers: ** Correction, I had the wrong results for this image at first. Here’s the correct info:

Live results:

5:49 PM — Women’s 1,500 — Heat 3

They’re off.

Hiltz to the front. Houlihan is mid-pack.

Jessica Harris is in the front. She looks like she’s looking at the jumbo screen and seeing what’s going on.

Karisa Nelson is in 2nd. Eleanor Fulton in 3rd.

Harris is still looking up at the big screen. They are strung out.

Hiltz and Houlihan moving up.

Hiltz to 3rd. 300 to go in 3:20.

Nelson to the front.

Hiltz 3rd.

Houlihan moving up and takes the heat in 4:07.

Eleanor Fulton is through in 4:08 with a PB!

5:47 PM — Women’s 1,500m — Heat 3

This is the heat with fan favorite Shelby Houlihan—the crowd erupts when she’s announced.

Another emerging fan favorite is Nikki Hiltz is on the track as well. She’s one to watch.

They are on the startline.

5:43 PM — Women’s 1,500m — Heat 2

Now they are stringing out. They went through 800 real slow.

400 to go, around 3:20. Osika is leading about about a meter.

Cranny is moving up. Her, Jenny, Osika and McGee bounce around.

Jenny, McGee and Cranny are through.

But McGee might have run into Osika during that homestretch, or Osika might have moved over in front of McGee, and she her stride got interrupted.

Cranny 59 for her last 400, announcers say.

4:19 was the winning time. Osika is 4th.

5:38 PM — Women’s 1,500 — Heat 2

Jenny Simpson is in this heat. Cory McGee, Elise Cranny, Shannon Osika—others to note.

They are out. They break into two groups, women on the inside falling in immediately, the women on the outside taking their time falling in. Jenny is in the later group.

57 seconds at 300m, Jenny’s on the outside running next to Osika.

The announcers comment on how this is a slower pace than Jenny’s 5,000m pace.

Everyone is still bunched up.

2:15 at 700m.

5:35 PM — Women’s 1,500m — Heat 1

Kate Grace was in last, but moves up just before the bell lap.

Now we have gaps. 3:25 at 1,200.

Lauren Johnson is on the inside. Grace moves up and is leading. She glances over at Sinclaire Johnson and they go through the line in 1-2.

Mackey in 3rd.

Top three are though, all running 4:10.

5:33 PM — Women’s 1,500m more

Katie Mackey is out in the lead. They are all bunched up.

66.99 the first lap.

Efraimson on the inside.

700m in 2:01, announcers say.

That second lap was pretty slow.

5:31 PM — Women’s 1,500m

The women are lining up and bouncing around. They zoom in on Dani Jones, of Colorado, and talk about her accolades.

They are called to the line, then told to step back again. They start on the second try.

5:29 PM — Brave Like Gabe

They have laid a bouquet of flowers down on the start of lane one of the 1,500m for Gabe.

5:22 PM — Signing on

Here’s who’s in what heats for the women’s 1,500m prelim:

Heat 1 of 3 Prelims
1 Jenna Hinkle HOKA Aggie R C 4:13.17
2 Alexa Efraimson NIKE 4:04.06
3 Jennifer Martinez Oklahoma St. 4:12.25
4 Katie Mackey Brooks/BR BEASTS 4:05.97
5 Dani Jones Colorado 4:07.28
6 Kate Grace NIKE/Bowerman TC 4:02.99
7 Taryn Rawlings Unattached 4:10.20
8 Sinclaire Johnson Oklahoma St. 4:05.98
9 Lauren Johnson Boston A A 4:08.25
10 Amanda Eccleston Brooks 4:10.98

Heat 2 of 3 Prelims
1 Amelia Paladino Ocean State 4:12.20
2 Cory McGee New Balance 4:05.90
3 Helen Schlachtenhaufen Saucony/Freedom 4:05.49
4 Ayla Granados rabbit/Penin Dis 4:13.42
5 Elise Cranny NIKE/Bowerman TC 4:06.03
6 Lianne Farber New Balance 4:11.30
7 Shannon Osika NIKE 4:06.28
8 Jenny Simpson New Balance 3:59.83
9 Megan Mansy HOKA NJNYTC 4:09.81
10 Dana Giordano Boston A A 4:08.62

Heat 3 of 3 Prelims
1 Heather MacLean New Balance 4:06.21
2 Emily Lipari adi/Mission 4:05.68
3 Karisa Nelson BROOKS Beasts 4:09.33
4 Shelby Houlihan NIKE/Bowerman TC 3:57.34
5 Ce’Aira Brown HOKA NJNYTC 4:06.06
6 Eleanor Fulton Unattached 4:11.43
7 Nikki Hiltz adidas 4:05.56
8 Raquel Lambdin Mission AC 4:11.31
9 Jessica Harris Unattached 4:08.83
10 Heather Kampf ASICS/Tm USA Mn 4:13.65

Link to full heat sheets


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