Running Weather – Long Run 5/4-5/6

I’m experimenting with something I’m calling Running Weather: Long Run.

It’s a visual and somewhat sarcastic guide of what to wear for your weekend runtivies in Boulder, CO (because I live here) and Lansing, MI (because some of my friends live there).

All the lines were made by my runner-artist friend Emily Langenberg. You can check out some of her other art on her website here.

Saturday 5/4


Boulder Saturday Morning

This morning’s running is looking sort of good for runtivities. The later you wait to go in the morning the better, more summer-like it will be.

Boulder Saturday Afternoon

It’s looking great for some runtivities. Please, wear sunscreen. At least a hat—but, please, sunscreen.

Boulder Saturday Evening

If you love running in the evening, this evening’s weather looks mighty fine for some runtivities.


Lansing Saturday Morning

You know, it’s Michigan, mid-spring, so like it looks alright for running activities. A least there’s not snow, ok?

Lansing Saturday Afternoon

This afternoon is looking good for runtivities. Don’t for get sun protection—I know it was just winter, but it’s call adaption people.

Lansing Saturday Evening

It’s going to be a nice evening for runtivities. Live it up. But YOLO—wear sunscreen.

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Sunday 5/5


Boulder Sunday Morning

A mighty fine morning for runtivities.

Boulder Sunday Afternoon

It might even feel hot for this afternoon’s runtivities. YOLO—sunscreen.

Boulder Sunday Evening

Looks nice for runtivities. Again—sunscreen.

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Lansing Sunday Morning

This morning will be ok for your runtivities but like, if you wait until the afternoon it will be better.

Lansing Sunday Afternoon

YOLO—sunscreen! It’s summer. Well, not really, but have fun if you’re doing runtivities this afternoon.

Lansing Sunday Evening

Did you really wait this long to do your long run runtivity? Haha, jk with the sarcasm—nice job, it’ll be nice for runtivities this evening.

If you like this Running Weather stuff, let me know with a DM on the IG @nicolebbush. And if you like the lines, follow my friend Emily on her Instagra, @eklangs

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