Boston recap

And just like that the Boston Marathon is over. I mean it took hours, but still.

It’s good to see Jordan Hasay healthy and kicking ass again. She ran her way onto the podium, getting third and running 2:25:20.

Here’s what she posted on Instagram following the race:

And as always, it’s good to see Des Linden give a strong performance—5th in 2:27:00—even if she’s not at the immediate front. She continues to show up and show us what American distance running is all about: hard work, grit, confidence and the willingness to give everything a shot (and have a beer after).

The biggest story of the 2019 Boston Marathon, though, is on the men’s side, with Scott Fauble. He finished 7th and ran 2:09:09, which is a significant personal best and really fast. He ran 2:12:28 at the New York City Marathon in November of last year.

And even better, he took lead during the race and people lost their minds—rightfully so. He’s exponentially increased his chances of wearing a USA uniform in 2020.

This is what one of his sponsors, GU Energy Labs, had to say about Scott on Instagram following the race:

I love a good distance running story. I can’t wait to follow what he does heading into 2020. Americans are getting especialy good at distance running and 2020 should be a very fun Olympics.

If you followed along with my live-blog today, thank you! If you didn’t, perhaps someday.

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