2019 Boston Marathon live-ish Coverage

Good morning marathon fans! I’m going to be live-blogging here through the duration of the marathon.

I’ll be mostly focused on the American women, but will include other race happenings too.

Keep hitting refresh for updates. Scroll to the bottom to start from the beginning.

For reference, here’s how the race went last year:

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I’ll probably post a short wrap-up later today.

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11:15/1:15: Mary Higgins

Mary came up a little short of her goals, but still ran 3:05:41 after being hospitalized with food poisoning eight days ago. I can’t even imagine.

11:07/1:07: Joan Benoit Samuelson splits

Went through:

5K: 20:44

10K: 41:47

Half marathon: 1:29:55

25K: 1:46:58

20 miles: 2:19:28

40K: 2:54:15

Finish: 3:04:00

She ran within 40 minutes of her winning time from 40 years ago. She’s been running for at least 4 decades. That’s amazing.

10:41/12:41 — Mary Higgins

She’s on 3:03:10 pace, which is off of her goal. But, there’s a chance she’ll finish near Joan Benoit Samuelson (3:03:34 pace) and see her and lose her tired mind. I hope that happens.

10:19/12:10 — American men in the top-30

Scott Fauble: 2:09:10, 6th

Jared Ward: 2:09:25, 8th

Elkanah Kibet: 2:11:51, 11th

Augustus Maiyo: 2:12:40, 13th

Shadrack Biwott: 2:13:11, 15th

Dathan Ritzenhein: 2:16:19, 19th

Brendan Gregg: 2:16:46, 20th

Matthew Mcdonald: 2:16:58, 21st

Enoch Nadler: 2:17:06, 22nd

Ben Payne: 2:18:01, 24th

Stephen Vangampleare: 2:18:40, 25th

Abdi Abdirahman: 2:18:56, 26th

Riley Cook: 2:20:23, 28th

10:01/12:01 — American women in the top-30

Jordan Hasay: 2:25:20, 3rd

Des Linden: 2:27:00, 5th

Lindsay Flanagan: 2:30:07, 9th

Betsy Saina (KEN): 2:30:32, 10th

Kate Landau: 2:31:56, 13th

Bridget Belyeu: 2:34:35, 14th

Sara Hall: 2:35:34, 15th

Becky Wade: 2:36:21, 17th

Hilary Dionne: 2:36:21, 18th

Sarah Sellers: 2:36:42, 19th

Bria Wetsch: 2:38:10, 21

Kate Pallardy: 2:38:27, 22nd

Sarah Pease: 2:39:08, 23rd

Kimi Reed: 2:40:12, 24th

Dawn Grunnagle: 2:40:26, 25th

Caitlin Chrisman: 2:40:29, 26th

Dot Mcmahan: 2:40:45, 28th

Michele Lee: 2:42:02, 29th

Paula Pridgen: 2:32:36, 30th

Ladia Albertson-Junkans: 2:43:04

9:56/11:56 — Women’s Update and some finish times

Kiplagat smiled across the finish line.

Hasay in 3rd 2:25:20 unofficially

Des in 5th, blowing kisses and waving on her way to the finish—which makes me super emotion because she’s also emotional. Smiles as she crosses the line. 2:27:00.

9:53/11:53 — Women’s update

Hasay is in 3rd. Des in 5th.

It looks like Degefa is going to have the win, but Kiplagat is going to get so close after that gap that it’s painful.

9:50/11:50 — Can Kiplagat close the gap?

I don’t know, can she? Can she?!!?

9:37/11:37 — Some splits/places I’m trying to keep straight


Hasay: 2:01:00, 4th

Des: 2:01:44, 8th

Flanagan: 2:04:18, 11th

Hall: 2:04:54, 13th

Landau: 2:05:13, 14th

Wade: 2:07:38, 16th

Belyeu: 2:07:49, 17th

Sellers: 2:08:49, 18th

Dionne: 2:09:11, 20th

Pease: 2:11:13, 2:38:11 pace.

Albertson-Junkans, at 21 miles: 2:10:21, 2:42:42 pace

9:35/11:35 — Correction

The gap between Degefa and Kiplagat might not have been under 2 mins earlier. I might have been wrong about that.

9:34/11:34 — Scott Fauble is leading

And he has a gap.

9:27/11:27— US women’s splits and more

Degefa’s lead is now less than 2 minutes.

Hasay through 20 in 1:51:23

Des: 1:51:36

Hall: 1:52:53

The chase pack is stringing out. Hasay is getting run away from.

Kiplagat is dropping the hammer, she is flying. Degefa looks like she’s jogging compared.

9:24/11:24 — The women’s race 1:51:37

Hasay is looking pretty good. Toward the front of the chase pack, in 5th at 20 miles.

Degefra’s pace dropped about 20 seconds after the last mile.

9:20/11:20 — The women’s race 1:47:39

Degefa’s turnover looks a little slower, maybe an opportunity for the chase pack to catch her? Or, at least shrink the gap even more.

Des may have dropped off the chase pack but she’s still in it. She’s the second American, through the 30K in 1:43:53.

Hall is the 3rd American, through 30k in 1:45:29.

9:16/11:16 — Hasay splits

5k: 17:35

10k: 34:38

15k: 51:46

20k: 1:09:27

HALF: 1:13:08

25K: 1:26:26

30K: 1:43:47

Projected pace: 2:25:58

9:13/11:13 — Women’s 1:40:35 in

Des is off the chase pack. The hill might have got her. Hasay is in the lead pack, still. The gap between the chase pack and Degefa is shrinking, but is still over 2 minutes—almost 2:30.

I’m assuming Des threw in those surges because she wasn’t feeling great and needing to press to make something happen for herself.

9:08/11:08 — Albertson-Junkans splits

Lidia was through the half in 1:20:46 and 25k in 1:35:43. She’s on 2:41:33 pace.

9:03/11:03 — More Big Ten women-Sarah Pease

Sarah Pease is on pace for a 2:35 marathon. She went the half in 1:17:42 and the 25k in 1:32:17.

9:01/11:01 — Kiplagat to the front, then Des. Ward leads.

Shit’s getting exciting. Kiplagat was in the front, but then Des is back in the lead.

Meanwhile Ward is leading the men’s race!

Holy balls.

9:00/11:00 — Women’s 1:24:26-ish in

The chase pack is getting more fluids.

Des is off to the left of the pack, on the other side of the street. She’s worked her way back behind the pack, but she’s falling off the chase pack a little, but seem to be trying to work her back back up.

She’s moving up, looking serious. She’s back in the front.

Des is hammering.

8:54/10:54 — Men’s 15k

Ritz, Ward and Fauble all went through in 45:45 leading!

Ward is out front now, gapping the field about 54:33 in.

8:44/10:44 — US Women’s update, half splits

The women’s chase pack with a bunch of Americans in it is looking good and is still quite large. They are about 2:27 mins back from Degefa.

Hasay is pressing a the front of the chase pack.

Half splits:

Hasay: 1:13:08, 10th

Des: 1:13:09, 11th

Kipyego: 1:13:14, 12th

Hall: 1:13:16, 13th

Flanagan: 1:14:04, 14th

Kate Landau: 1:14:02, 16th

Becky Wade: 1:14:20, 17th

Sarah Sellers: 1:15:27, 19th

8:38/10:38 — For Big Ten fans, Ladia Albertson-Junkans splits

5k: 19:14

10k: 38:16

15k: 57:32

She’s now on 6:12 pace, projected to finish in 2:41:50

8:34/10:34 — My friend Mary Higgins is right on pace

Mary is right on pace for what she wanted to be doing at this stage of the race. She went through the 5k at 20:57, on 6:44 pace.

Read more about Mary’s Boston stuffs while they aren’t showing the women or the American women much: https://nicolebbush.com/2019/04/14/meet-bq-mary-higgins/

8:31/10:31 — Joanie’s Splits

Joanie went through the 5k in 20:44, that’s 6:40 pace and a projected 2:54 finish time.

8:25/10:25 — Women’s 15k splits and place

Degefa: 50:21, leading

Kiplagat: 51:34, 2nd

Des: 51:46, 5th

Saina: 51:46, 10th

Kipyego, Hasay, Hall: all 51:46, 11-12-13

Lindsay Flanagan: 52:21, 15th

Becky Wade: 52:27, 18th

Sarah Sellers: 53:05, 19th

8:21/10:31 — Some men’s 5k splits

Elkanah Kibet: 15:12

Dathan: 15:13

Jared Ward: 15:13

Abdi Abdirahman: 15:14

Timothy Ritchie: 15:18

8:17/10:17 — ~45 mins into women’s race

Degefa is just smashing the field. The second pack is about 11 women and they are prettty far back.

Des is on about 5:33 pace.

8:12/10:12 —More women’s 10k splits

Betsy Saina: 34:28

Lindsay Flanagan: 34:44

Becky Wade: 34:58

Sarah Crouch: 35:28

Bria Wetsch: 36:11

8:06/10:06 — Women’s 10k

Worknesh Degefa is way out in front, through the 10k in 33:58.

Sharon Cherop 34:12

Mare Dibaba 34:12

Jordan Hasay, Betsy Saina, Sally Kipyego, Des and Sara Hall all around 34:28.

8:05/10:05 — Joan Benoit Samuelson

Joanie has started. It’s been reported that she hopes to run within 40 mins of her Boston time, with this being the 40th anniversary of her historic win.

8:00/10:00 — Men’s elite start

And they’re off.

7:57/9:57 — 4.5 miles in

We now have two packs. Three out front, pressing the pace. Des leading/at the front of the second pack.

7:54/9:54 — 22-ish mins in/4.3 miles

Shit’s getting fast with the women. It looks like Des is on 5:39 pace. She went through the 5k in 17:35. 2:28:18-ish pace.

7:51/9:51 — Idk, a time?

The pace is dropping, athletes are getting their first drinks.

7:48/9:48 — 5k mark

Degefa is up behind Hall now. Hall keeps checking her splits.

The announcers are talking about the women’s height and weight………

7:46/9:46 — 13:40 mins in

Hall is adding to the gap again. And the pack has picked up the pace just a bit.

7:44/9:44 —11:18 minutes into the race

The group is catching up to Hall. Des is right behind her.

7:41/9:42 — Just after first mile

The leaders are running around 5:43 pace. Sara Hall is still out front and the pack if huge.

7:33/9:33 — They’re off!

Okay, so the race as started. Now we wait.

And I just got a bunch of notifications from the BAA tracking app that a bunch of people have started. and Sara Hall is out in front.

7:30/9:30 — On the start line

Des is smirking on the start line—oh full smile now.

I see my training partner Bria Wetsch and I’m trying not to get too excited because, like, 26.2 miles is a long time.

7:28/9:28 — Almost the start

How much would everyone lose their mind if Des won again this year?

The women are on the line. Here we go!

7:23/9:23 — Still, still before the race (I got here early)

A friend texted me and wanted to know ‘why the unicorn things?’

According to the FAQ page of the Boston Athletic Association website:

“Why was the Unicorn chosen as the symbol of both the Boston Athletic Association and the Boston Marathon?

While it is popular belief that in 1887 the B.A.A. founders chose the Unicorn as the organization’s symbol due to its place in mythology (Chinese and other mythologies regard the figure as an ideal and something to be pursued but which can never be caught), it is more likely that the Unicorn was borrowed from the coat of arms from one of the B.A.A.’s first families. Still, the now iconic Unicorn stands for striving for excellence…. even it can never be achieved.”

7:02/9:02 — Still before the race

The elite women start at 7:32MT/9:32 ET. The elite men start at 8:00ET/10:00ET. For more information on the waves: https://www.baa.org/races/boston-marathon/enter/participant-basics

For fun while we wait for the marathon starts, here are few embedded Tweets:

Des’s most recent Tweet that wasn’t a re-Tweet.

6:45MT/8:45ET — Before the race

I can’t wait for this to all get underway. I can’t wait to see how my friends Bria Wetsch and Mary Higgins so. I can’t wait to see how all the Americans—and those training in the US—do and I’m excited to fangirl about Des Linden.

Being a fellow Michigander, and having grown up running in Michigan, I’m also looking forward to seeing Dathan Ritzenhein on the course. He’s had a rough go getting to a starting line in the last couple of years, due to injury, and I’m happy to see him out there again.

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