Who I’m watching in Boston

Marathon Monday is next Monday in Boston and I’ll definitely be watching. I have medium to low (practically zero) interest in running a marathon myself, but ever since Des Linden almost won in 2011 I have been a marathon fan.

I was sitting scrunched on the hardwood floor of a chill green bungalow in San Luis Obispo, California (I had just moved there) watching that race. I think my friend Sarah (a marathoner herself) had texted me and asked if I was watching. I think my knee jerk reaction was why would I be watching that long ass race?

I guess I thought sure, why not? and figured out how to watch. At some point, I went from casually watching a marathon—seeing it as running-themed background noise—to a fully enthralled marathon fan emotionally watching Des Linden become an American hero.

(I’m feeling feelings about it now as I type this…)

I love watching (and crying when) the American women kick ass. (And what a damn treat with Shalane in New York and Des in Boston the last couple years.)


So, I’ll be watching this Monday again too, but I’ll be even more invested than usual (which is kind of a lot in the first place) because I have some new teammates heartbreaking the hill.

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Boulder Underground

I was lucky enough to have a group already lined up when I got to Boulder: Boulder Underground. I had been working with the group’s coach, Matt Hensley, for a couple of months and was able to slide into the newly formed group’s early morning practices on my arrival.

Boulder Underground has members all over the country, but the group located in Boulder is all marathoners and soon-to-be ultra marathoners. (Note: I’m neither.)

Monday, two of those marathoners will be in Boston.

Meet Bria Wetsch and Mary Higgins:


Bria and Mary both ran pretty big personal bests at the California International Marathon (CIM); Bria in 2:37:13 and Mary in 2:55:35.

I’ve had the privilege of watching them work their asses off—because, they drop me every workout—the last couple months.

Mary has hammered out grueling repeats—alone—on probably the windiest day I have ever run on (aside from that one long run in college, in Iowa). She blew by me while I slow-jogged into the wind and mourned the loss of my once normal working hip flexors (dead from all the stabilizing).

I’ve watched Bria, on two occasions, rock out repeat splits—that are impressive at sea level, let alone at 5,000+ feet—with zen-like focus and masterful execution.

I can’t wait to see how they both do.

I’ll be posting mini-bios for them both soon. Look for them in the next couple days.

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