The newsletter finally gets a voice & Running Things gets its first contributor

Allow me to introduce Melanie Brender, the first contributor for Running Things!

She’s a fellow Michigan State cross country and track alum, a former member of the Brooks-Hansons Original Distance Project and an excellent student of the sport.

You might remember her from my Running’s Hard story, Anemia and Getting in Your Own Way.

In addition to coming on as a contributor, Melanie will be taking over the Running Things Newsletter. She’ll be serving up cool and interesting running commentary/facts/ideas/takes that will be delivered to your inbox monthly.

Her first newsletter will drop Tuesday, March 26—so hold onto your trainers.

[ Sign up for the Running Things Newsletter here. ]

I’m really excited to have Melanie be part of Running Things and the Running’s Hard series. She has some good ideas and stories on tap. I hope you enjoy them.

Thank you for reading and supporting Running Things and the Running’s Hard Series. Please consider becoming a Running Things Patron for as little as the cost of a cup of tea or coffee a month.

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