Don’t let people give you shit about your dreams.

// This post has been getting some love on Instagram.

Well, just more likes than usual, not any comment love. So maybe mostly I’m loving it on my Instagram.

Anyway, I keep thinking about my caption and it gets me fired up because 1) there’s so much truth to it, 2) it feels empowering and 3) it’s got swearing.

The trifecta.

And the caption’s definitely not original.

It was inspired by a quote I first read in Shelby Houlihan’s Twitter bio. She’s had it there for a long time and I think about it often.

The quote: “Don’t let small minds convince you that your dreams are too big.”

The rest of the moxie in my caption is roughly autobiographical—but also universal.

Don’t let people give you shit in the first place, as a baseline. But especially don’t let them give you shit about your dreams.

Just don’t.

Do your best to understand that ninety-nine percent of the time it’s just them projecting their self-imposed limitations on you. Listening to them is a waste of valuable time and energy that you could instead be using to ferociously chase down your dreams.

Just imagine chasing down and catching a damn good, hard-earned dream, throwing it over your shoulder like you just traded your training backpack for a real good handbag (ie, sassy and confident), and then taking a deep, triumphant (nay, meditative) breath before shoving it over your head victoriously and yelling, “I fu**king did it!!!!!!!!” like the glorious goal-getting beast you are.

Yeah, well, it’s going to take a lot longer to do all that if you listen to the shitkickers for more than a minute. (And 14 times longer if you’re being a shitkicker to yourself on top of it.)

So find the people who are excited with you, who want to help, who have the good (🔑) advice, who are supportive, who think you’re a hard-working rainbow unicorn.

Surround yourself with those people, and bring them with you.

And remember:

Don’t let people who aren’t doing shit about their dreams give you shit about yours.

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