Chicago Marathon weekend

Looking up in Chicago on somewhere–idk where…

I’m currently in Chicago because of the Chicago Marathon and its accompanying weekend festivities.

I’ve never been to a marathon major before so I’m pretty jazzed about it.

By jazzed I mean I almost get chills thinking about all the big marathons I’ve watched on TV (streamed on the Internet) and how I now want to see Des, Molly and Shalane run marathons in real life so I can barf-cry all over myself with excitement and inspiration.

I’m also pretty excited (but much less than the previous paragraph) I got to take the train in because taking trains is one of my favorite activities. And driving within 35 miles of Chicago is one of my least favorite activities, so it worked out.

But anyway, I’m going to be rolling around at the Roll Recovery booth during the expo a lot of the weekend, so stop by and say hi. Or take a nap on a stretch mat. Or bring me a Gatorade.

And so forth, I’ll also be out on the streets during the marathon, soaking in all the fast running and excitement (and probably some rain) in this big, windy, Midwest city. And I’ll likely have my camera with me, photog’ing it up if you want to stop me for a photo.

Fifthly, some of the Blog Boys are in town too and are hosting a Citius Chi-Town Shakeout on Saturday at 10 a.m. that you probably can’t join because I heard it’s already full. But show up anyway because legs are feelin’ good or some shit, and you won’t be turned away.

Henceforth, I’ll be cheering on fellow Citius Mag writer Jeanne Mack, hoping she goes sub-2:40 and am curious to how Gwen Jorgensen will do after a full marathon focused training block.

Lastly, if anyone knows how the hell you spectate a marathon, please let me know. I can barely figure out how to spectate 10,000 meters on the track.

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