I’ll be live-blogging Boston on Monday

I’ll be live-blogging Monday, with Athlinks. So, whether you’re at work and can’t watch, want to supplement your Twitter feed or if you just want to follow along while we all lose our collective shits—I’ll be here.

Who I’m watching in Boston

I love watching the major marathons, but this Marathon Monday in Boston will be a little more special for me. Here’s a preview of who will be breaking my heart up Heartbreak Hill.

Lauren Wallace reflects on the Olympic Trials, her 2016 season

I talked with my good friend–and track wife–Lauren Wallace Misenti, after my she read my last blog post. Lauren ran at UC Davis, graduated in 2013 and ran professionally until 2017 before retiring from the track. Her event was the 800-meter run. Anyway, the blog post I’m referring to was inspired by a caption I…

Run is a battlefield

In honor of my giveaway on Instagram for best stories of weird things that have happened on your runs, I wanted to share a weird running story in long-form. This story comes from my college teammate and good friend, Emily. To everyone who entered the giveaway: thank you for entering because it was very fun…